As the foundation of our Customer Experience Platform (CXP), our technology stack will allow you to align and empower your teams. From CMS to CRM and everything in-between, our technology works together - enabling you to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Squiz Matrix

Powerful, Flexible CMS

Squiz Matrix is a powerful enterprise-class CMS that's loved by IT and Marketers alike. It can integrate with whatever systems you've already got in place and scales easily to grow with your organization.

Best of all, it's our own software and we know it better than anyone in the world. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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Stop Searching, Start Discovering

Funnelback Search is an advanced search product that seamlessly integrates with content repository systems and CMS software to create a bespoke and highly personalized user experience that engages website visitors like never before.

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Sugar CRM

CRM to sweeten your CX

As a global SugarCRM Elite Partner, we've got the experience to help you put the customer at the center of your business. Our team has the know-how to integrate Sugar (or any other CRM for that matter) with your current systems to help you achieve a single view of the customer and, ultimately, deliver their best experience yet.

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Automate your Marketing, Deliver an Experience

One of the world's most advanced suites of marketing software, Marketo enables you to develop highly personalized, automated digital campaigns for both prospects and customers, all managed and monitored in one place.

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Delivering innovation with impact

Ikabo is a strategic tool that brings people together to foster collaboration, generate actionable innovation and work towards your organisation's commercial goals. It helps you build a culture of innovation. Ikabo uses crowdsourcing technology that inspires and engages, combined with a staged and structured approach to creative problem solving.

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Leadership your way

We’ve built a state-of-the-art, fully-managed cloud that is so secure and resilient it’s been approved by federal governments across the world. Our cloud is not only secure, it’s fast. Really fast.

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Empowering you to do more

Squiz’s Digital Workplace Intranet Platform is a clever, quick to personalize and deploy system that will enable your people, teams and departments to collaborate, share and innovate - changing the way that your organization works for the better.

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