SugarCRM Free Trial Week 1 - Getting Started with SugarCRM

Thank you for registering for a free trial of SugarCRM. By now your system has been provisioned, and an automatic email sent to you with the link, the username and password.

If you haven't seen this email, check your spam folder in case this automatic email has been mis-categorised as spam. If you still can't find the details, don't worry we can send it to you again. Just give us a call on +61 2 9045 2800, or email us on

Sugar is a powerful and feature-rich CRM, and so to help you with your evaluation of Sugar, we've put together a suggested 4-week evaluation program to help you learn about SugarCRM and how it can help you build your business.

Orientation - What is a CRM?

This 90 second video provides an overview of what "CRM" means to SugarCRM.

It describes the relationships between Sales, Customer Service and Management, and the benefits of an integrated CRM system.

Getting Started - Overview of Sugar

During this week, practice creating your own Account (organisations) and Contact (people) records. Create a sales Opportunity, including the Amount, Expected Close Date and Sales Stage. See if you can find the sales pipeline charts on the Sales dashboard (hint: it's a tab on the home page dashboard).

Have a look a the standard fields that Sugar captures about organisations, people, opportunities and cases and make some notes about what fields you'd like to add, and which ones you don't need. Also look at the Sales Stages, and other drop-down lists. These are all easily changed, and we'll look at making these changes in week 2.

The video to the left provides a very short, 2-minute overview of the navigation and major elements of SugarCRM. Learn about the Home page, using the menus, creating an Account, Opportunity and Case, and finding the list of all Accounts and Contacts.

Create some user accounts

Create some additional user accounts in your trial and invite your team to log in and try out the system.

They'll need the web-address of the trial system, and the username and password that you create.

Provide them an overview of the system, and consider setting them some tasks to do so they have a reason to be involved.

Load some of your data

Why not start using your trial system by loading some of your own customer and prospect data. Sugar's Import Wizard supports many different file types, and provides on-the-fly mapping of your data to Sugar's database, making importing data simple and easy.

This 60 second video shows how quickly contacts can be imported from a spreadsheet.

Download the CSV template used in the video below.

Further Reading - How to Prioritise CRM

CRM is a big subject, encompassing strategy, process and technology. It's easy to get bogged down in the details, and not find a route to a successful outcome.

Best practice in CRM technology projects is to start small, and deliver business benefits early.But sometimes its hard to work out where to start. This article: "7 Tips on How to Prioritise your CRM Initiatives" aims help answer that question.

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