SugarCRM Free Trial Week 3 - Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics

Now that you have been using your trial system for a couple of weeks, you should have some data on which you can report, and use in dashboards and charts.

Sugar's real-time reporting lets you rapidly click and deploy reports on business performance analytics across the entire business.

Executive dashboards provide a one-page window into your business. Uncover opportunities by drilling down to underlying data right from your dashboard or report.

Common dashboards and reports include:

  • Sales Opportunity by Sales Stage
  • Open Support Cases
  • Number of Meetings held this month
  • New Customers this month

All these and more can be configured using Sugar's analytics features.

Create a Report with a Chart

The most common type or report in Sugar is the Summation report, which provides the option of adding a Chart or Graph to the report.

Summation, and Summation with Details reports, group data by one or more dimension, such as leads "by month" or sales "by sales rep".

There are lots of chart types available, and Charts generated by these reports can also be used on your Homepage and Dashboards.

Create a Rows and Columns Report

Rows and Columns reports are the simplest report type in SugarCRM, and presents the information in a flat series of rows and columns, much like a spreadsheet.

This report type is most commonly used when the information will be exported to Excel for future processing, or when you're just trying to extract a list, such a a mailing list, or other list of Contacts.

Further Reading - Writing a Business Case

In our experience, as many as 60% of CRM initiatives fail to receive approval and funding on their first attempt, due to lack of a clear business case, or uncertainty around the benefits, risks and costs associated with the investment.

To help you with your evaluation and planning, we have developed this free business case template to help construct a compelling story of the value proposition, costs and risks associated with implementing a new CRM system.

Download the Business Case Template

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