SugarCRM Free Trial Week 4 - Advanced Reporting

You're in your last week of your free trial. Why not look at some advance features.


Sugar Workflow Management lets you automate your day-to day-tasks. Using Sugar templates, you can create custom business processes based on any Sugar object. Change alerts and discount approvals, record routing, and account and customer activity monitoring are just a few examples of alerts, actions, and triggers you can implement to make your teams more productive and responsive.

Case escalation

You can use Sugar Workflow to send Alerts when you customer support cases are not resolved within your SLAs.

New Customer Process

You can use Sugar Workflow to automatically create and assign tasks to people in your team when an important event occurs, such as signing a new customer. Automatically send a welcome email to the customer, set tasks for you team to set up client files, schedule training or any other tasks you want to ensure are always tracked to completion.

Renewal Reminders

Use Sugar Workflow to send reminders, and set tasks for your customer service or sales team to follow up product or service renewals.

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