Squiz has formed a new entity called Ikabo that will take all previous work done on the Squiz Roadmap product and all the new innovation and cultural research and evolve this into new product and service offerings.

Our focus is on leaders driving open and positive change in their organisations. Leaders that recognise their people are their competitive advantage. They are looking for a digital means to engage their people, facilitate smart real time collaboration and adopt robust processes that will result in continuous improvement and build a culture of innovation.


Are you passionate about engaging and empowering your people to drive transformation? Do you want a strategic tool that delivers innovation that aligns with your business goals? Are you looking for reassurance that it uses proven best practice creative thinking?  Then we have the solution for you. Ikabo uses crowdsourcing technology combined with a staged and structured approach, to create actionable breakthrough innovation whilst fostering collaboration and driving engagement.

Flex the Creative Muscles of Your People

Through a fair, open and clear exchange of ideas you will harness the creative talent of people deep within your organisation. If they have a connected device - they can join in and be part of the conversation.

Squiz has crafted a user-centric design to inspire and involve everyone from the start.

We set you up for success

Transformation is achieved when Ikabo is combined with our unique innovation-training programme.

An innovative culture doesn't just happen because you switch on a tool, we show you how to get the most out of it. Your success is our success. After we work with you on your first 12 week project, you will feel inspired and confident to go on to undertake further projects and drive a culture of innovation.

How it works

Ikabo offers a staged and structured approach to creative problem solving. It starts by expressing the business challenge or problem into a simple yet inspiring question which participants are encouraged to respond to with their ideas.

Cross-platform Technologies to deliver business objectives

Our services and technology work together in harmony, helping you deliver a great customer experience.
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