Empower your people to innovate and solve business challenges. Ikabo Incubator helps you make faster, smarter decisions by crowdsourcing the intelligence of your people, customers and partners.

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Respond Quicker

Respond Quicker

Be agile, pivot to new opportunities and challenges. Respond to customer needs faster and more often.
Harness Crowd Wisdom

Harness Crowd Wisdom

You already have amazing, talented people. Engage and empower them with purpose.
>Drive Business Change

Drive Business Change

Rally your people and foster a long-lasting cultural change.


A simple flow, engaging design and help on tap:

  • Structured six step problem solving and creative concept management process
  • Staged and structured concept generation and management process
  • Monitor and respond to engagement with simple analytics and insights
  • Simple and easy to use with quick set up
  • Deliver concepts that are ready to action - watch them come together in real time
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