Funnelback is an advanced search tool that delivers an intelligent, tailored and engaging user experience.

We can read minds

Give your users tailor-made results they didn't even know they wanted

We call it "super content" because it effortlessly draws upon and combines your data into one seamless user experience. Small, disparate pieces of data are fused into one dynamic interface, amplifying the impact of your content. It might look like a webpage, but it feels like magic.

Funnelback harnesses data such as search history, geographic location and domain name to serve up completely personalized website content - without your users even having to search for it. Then, through advanced CMS integration, Funnelback pulls together bespoke webpages that draw relevant content into one seamless and dynamic experience.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Our sophisticated metrics give you deeper insight

Funnelback's analytics empower you to make more intelligent decisions based on relevant and real-time information. Our leading-edge Pattern Analyser can help you measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by measuring spikes in traffic and search duration as well as adding context through geographic analysis.

Pattern Analyzer helps you respond to fluctuating market demands with agility through its automatic reporting on query spikes. So if one of your products is about to go bananas, you'll have a heads up in advance. It's the closest you'll get to predicting the future.

It's always in the last place you look

Funnelback puts it in the first

Not everyone is well-versed in search technology. For many of us, "search" involves typing a keyword into a box and crossing our fingers for the right result. As a business, it’s vital that you give people the information they need without turning up irrelevant, out of date or just plain embarrassing results.

Funnelback’s intuitive search can respond to any query with a precise and intelligent set of results, uniquely tailored to the user’s requirements. You can also tweak algorithms to serve up featured content or prioritize results to ensure your message always gets across. The first time you look.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Manage your data wherever it lives - Funnelback will find it

Website copy, white papers, PDF downloads, videos, tutorials, product manuals, FAQs, blogs, retail locations, pricing information, forums, social media - the list goes on. There's a lot of data that goes into your website and odds are that it's strewn across the digital landscape in various repositories and databases - both internal and external. Managing these reams of content is arduous, especially for content editors who often have to update material more than once because it exists in multiple places.

Funnelback lets you manage your data wherever it lives because it effortlessly finds what it needs wherever or however it's stored. Now you're free to focus on creating powerful, relevant content that gets to market almost instantly - wherever you store it.

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