With more functionality out-of-the box than any other system on the market, Squiz Workplace solution is quick to deploy and even quicker to get your workforce to love.

Some key features include:

  • Relevancy - Squiz Workplace provides personalisation through user-chosen and machine learning straight away. Staff don’t have to go through and opt-in to everything that their involved with and are interested in, with inbuilt machine learning, algorithms, and AI; your employees.
  • Easy access - With single sign-on and personal profiles as standard, staff can get up and running rapidly, spending time improving and collaborating, rather than setting-up and managing content. The in-built staff directory means that users can contact people simply.
  • News management, hierarchy and editing - News & content workflows and governance structures enable you to post critical information and allow for user-generated content, commenting and editing based on customisable structures and workflows.
  • Customisation - The solution has out-of-the-box customisation options that enable your organisation to quickly apply its brand. Built on a highly configurable content management system (Squiz Matrix), the system can be enhanced to provide a unique solution that integrates seamlessly with your bespoke IT environment.
  • Intuitive UX - The system comes with pre-built UX functionality, enabling users to immediately understand, find and complete day-to-day tasks, as well as utilise higher functions (such as collaboration tools), as soon as they log in.
  • Asset management & governance functionality - Ensuring that people only have access to what they’re approved for and that what they’re seeing is the official, up-to-date version of anything can be a struggle. Squiz Workplace has this pre-built, so that you just need to adjust the settings.
  • Rapid to deploy - Intranet projects often fail because by the time they’re deployed, they are already an anachronism. We can build, deploy and customise your Squiz Workplace in less than 90 days, giving you all but the most complex functionality so that people can begin to use and benefit from all that it has to offer.
  • Embedded collaboration - Squiz Workplace has Social & community forums and collaboration spaces come out-of-the-box, meaning team members, departments and communities based on interest areas to be created and thrive straight away.
  • Inbuilt enterprise search - Users want to find the key functions that they’re looking for instantaneously, so our solution comes with enterprise search prefaced into the system.
  • 3rd party integrations - The solution is one of the most flexible available. It’s able to integrate seamlessly with the systems that you already have and then scale with your organisation as it evolves. It has multiple out-of-the-box capabilities, apps and functions to help you maximise your system, including TRIM, Sharepoint Skype/Lync, to name just a few.
  • Globally accessible - A cloud-based system, users in every site wherever they are in the world are able to access and get the most out of the companies existing infrastructure.
  • Mobile - Built on a dynamic platform, Squiz Workplace seamlessly adapts to the device and system accessing it via responsive design, enabling on-the-go working or the ability to book your annual leave on the train home form whatever device you have to hand.
  • Secure - Security is paramount for any organisation and something that a good tool will cover with inbuilt governance and permission settings. Squiz Workplace was developed in conjunction with the UK and Australian Governments with ultrahigh security features as standard.
  • Analytics - The systems inbuilt analytics engine tracks what user’s are doing, providing easily accessible, actionable insights into the everyday uses of the system, which can shape future development and ensure that hit stays relevant (and used).
  • Easy & safe editing - No knowledge of HTML is needed to become a contributor to your system, with simple WYSIWYG editing and workflows ensuring that everyone can find use in the tools at hand.
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