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How to get started?

There are options available including self-paced eLearning and class-led. Search for courses and click to learn more. Select ENROL or BUY NOW to get started. 

The first time you login to the training portal you’ll be asked to sign up to get started.

Education Portal FAQ

The eLearning is great for a self-starter with some capability or to get using the product quickly. Instructor-led is thorough and includes exercises and assistance to deliver a deeper learning outcome. Often the two work extremely well together. You can use the eLearning as a refresher or just do a single module to reconnect with a skill.

When you click into the currency box, start typing the country name, for example, Au for Australia, then hit enter. You then need to click on the currency in the list.
It is important when you sign up that you choose your correct timezone. You can also change this in your my account section under the Me > Profile.

Yes, you can. If you sign in using the Sign In link at the top, and locate the class you attended, you should be able to download your certificate from there. (Under the ME tab, and Completed Learning menu item)

We process invoices every Tuesday, Australian time, and the invoices are generally sent in the evening each Tuesday.

At the moment you can’t. Each learner must have their own account and set that up with their own email and password. This is required because the booking, training process and history are tied to their individual login.

Unfortunately not. We are working to convert the base training courses to self-paced.

A curriculum is a group of self-paced modules that combine to create an entire course. This means you are able to complete a single module to help with a specific task or complete the whole curriculum in order for a full learning experience. There are icons on the modules that indicate which is which.

Generally speaking, no. However, if there is a minimum of 8 trainees and a special requirement please contact us to discuss.

Self-paced is a more compact form of training where the trainee works on their own system rather than a training instance of the software. There are no exercises like in the instructor-led programs.

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