Optimizing Digital Content

The Optimizing Digital Content course is aimed at developing practical skills in the art of writing effective, credible, useful and understandable content that is available via the Web and other digital platforms like social media. This course will take students through key best practices in writing, formatting and optimizing content in order to meet the needs of both your business and your users.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to write effective content
  • Understand the core principles of:
    • Content lifecycles
    • Governance
    • Different content types for engaging users online
  • Identify primary and secondary users
    • Understand their goals  
    • Understand how they read and navigate your website
  • Write useful, credible, understandable and scannable content across different digital communication channels including websites, social media and mobile.  
  • Optimise your writing for digital delivery and create concise and findable content
  • Understand best practices for formatting online content
    • Write effective headings, subheadings, summaries and hyperlinks that encourage interaction
  • Improve findability
    • Write effective metadata
    • Optimise content for search engines
  • Create accessible content
    • Use the Squiz Matrix Accessibility Auditor tool to check content for Accessibility compliance
    • Use best-practice techniques for optimising on-page content

Duration: 1 day
Training Units: 2
Assessment: Exam with theory and practical components


Squiz recommends the following prerequisites:

  • Experience writing content for various media (print, digital, social)
  • Good computer knowledge including the use of a Browser
  • Completion of the EPM101 Edit+ for Squiz Matrix course
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