Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

This course teaches users the basics of how to use Edit+ 101 for Squiz Matrix while focusing on how to perform the fundamental, day-to-day tasks such as creating pages and basic content. We also introduce the Accessibility Auditor that identifies compliance with WCAG2.0 standards and provides suggested changes.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Create pages and files
  • Add basic content to a page
  • Insert links and images
  • Insert images into pages
  • Add metadata
  • Use the Preview and Edit
  • Understand the normal publishing process
  • Understand the workflow approval process
  • Understand the Accessibility Auditor tool

Duration: 1 day
Training Units: 2
Assessment: Exam with theory and practical components


To get the most from your training you should have basic computer skills such as locating and uploading files and using Word documents and PDFs. You should also have a working knowledge of the internet and how to do common tasks in a browser such as creating new tabs and working with bookmarks.

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