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This course covers the core skills required to extend, manage and maintain an existing Funnelback search. The course focuses on the maintenance and extension of an existing search collection and includes topics such as search result templates and basic feature configuration.

This course will suit search managers, front-end developers, user interface and user experience professionals, and content strategists.

This course will use Funnelback Version 15.14.

1 Day
2 Training units ($1,000 + GST)
Live learning available

Course Topics

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Collections, profiles and front-end services
  • The administration interface and marketing dashboard
  • Search templating
  • Front-end services creation and management
  • Curation tools
  • Auto-completion
  • Related searches
  • Display options
  • Metadata
  • URL sets (generalised scopes)
  • Search result filters (faceted navigation)
  • Remote includes


Students should have experience reading and editing HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Available classes for this course
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