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This course covers some of the more advanced features available to users of the Edit+ interface that are not covered by the standard Edit+ training. In this course, users will gain a better understanding of Edit+ and covers creating forms, using Matrix keywords, and creating conditional content.

This course will suit anyone who is currently using the Edit+ interface at a basic level, with an interest in learning more features. It is targeted primarily at Content Editors and Managers.

1 Day
2 Training units ($1,000 + GST)
Live learning available

Course Topics

This course will revisit the basics of Edit+ and introduce the following concepts:

  • Keywords
  • Snippets
  • Content Containers
  • Nested Content
  • Raw HTML
  • Events
  • Conditional Containers
  • Link Assets
  • Redirect Pages
  • Forms
  • Analytics (Demonstration)


Candidates should have completed Edit+ for Squiz Matrix (EPM101) and possess a good understanding of the fundamentals of Edit+ and use the product frequently.

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