Squiz Matrix Packages

This course teaches students the features and benefits of some advanced assets that are available in Squiz Matrix. Students will learn how to build custom forms and asset listings, set up self-registration pages, asset builder pages and redirect pages.

The assets that are included in this course are as follows:

  • Account Manager Page
  • Asset Builder Page
  • Asset Listing Page
  • Custom Form
  • Redirect Page
  • Remote Content
  • Sitemap
  • What's New
  • Comment Asset

Duration: 2 days
Training Units: 4
Assessment: Exam with theory and practical components


Candidates must have successfully completed MATR 101 - Squiz Matrix Fundamentals with a mark of at least 70% before undertaking this course. It is strongly recommended that users also attend MATR 201 - Squiz Matrix Content Administration.

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