Squiz Funnelback for Advanced Implementers

This course provides students with the core skills required to set up, customise and develop advanced functionality for Funnelback searches.

Ideal for: Front-end Developers, User Interface and User Experience Professionals

The course focuses on the setup and creation of new Funnelback search services and also covers advanced configuration and customisation.

This training course will use Funnelback Version 15.0.

  • Search collections:
    • Creating a collection
  • Search update cycle
  • Updating a search index:
    • Checking an update
    • Debugging failed updates
  • Meta collections
  • Working with XML:
    • Relationship with metadata
  • Advanced metadata:
    • Geospatial and numeric metadata
  • Push collections
  • Manipulating search result content
  • The query processing pipeline:
    • UI hook scripts
  • Accessibility auditor configuration
  • Index manipulation:
    • Removing items from the index
  • Alternate output formats:
    • Output search results as CSV

Duration: 1 day
Training Units: 2
Assessment: Exam with theory and practical components


Students should have experience with reading and editing HTML, Javascript and CSS.

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