Squiz Live Learning

Can’t make it to a classroom for Squiz training? No problem!

Squiz Live Learning brings the training to you, by allowing you to join an interactive training class online without the need for travel.

What is Squiz Live Learning?

Squiz Live Learning (also known as remote training) is a live, instructor-led online classroom, which you can access from your local PC no matter where you are.

Listen and watch as the instructor takes you through a series of lectures and demonstrations, before accessing the Squiz training lab environment where you will complete a series of workshops to gain practical, hands-on experience and try out different functionalities.

Your instructor will be online with you the entire time to provide real-time guidance, support, and feedback. You can ask questions via voice or chat at any time, and interact with other students in an interactive and fun environment.

Complete the course and review just like any other class to achieve your course certificate.

What do I need to join a class?

All you need to join one of our Squiz Live Learning remote training sessions is:

  • A computer with an internet connection and a supported browser
  • A comfortable, quiet space where you can listen and talk freely without disturbing others
  • A headset with microphone attached to your computer
  • A connection to the live training environment. Squiz uses GoToTraining for our Squiz Live Learning classes

What sort of connection do I need?

Most office networks or home broadband connections will be fine and webcam connectivity is not required. If you have used Skype or Google hangouts previously it is highly likely your computer and internet will be compatible with Squiz Live Learning.

All voice is done over the internet (VOIP) so you will need a headset with a microphone connected to your computer. If you haven't connected a headset to your computer before make sure you connect and test it prior to the day of training.

For all the demonstrations you will be able to see the instructors desktop live as they go through the course material.

Squiz Live Learning utilises "GotoTraining" as its communication platform. You can test your connection to this now by going to the "GotoTraining" test page and following the instructions there.

How it works

Live Learning courses are regularly scheduled and are confirmed to run once minimum numbers have been met.

Custom Live Learning can also be arranged if you require a specific date, custom content, or have several people who need training.

Once your place on a Live Learning course has been booked, you will receive an invitation to register. All you need to do is click on the link and register for the class with your name and email address.

You will then receive a confirmation email including instructions on how to connect on the morning of your Live Learning session. Training materials will be sent to your preferred location prior to training, and are yours to keep for future reference.

To book or enquire about Squiz Live Learning contact the Training Team or your Account Manager.

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