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This course covers the basics of how to use the Administration Interface of Squiz Matrix. Whilst focusing on how to perform the fundamental, day-to-day tasks such as creating pages and basic content.

This course will suit anyone with an interest in learning the administration interface of Squiz Matrix. It is targeted primarily at Content Editors, Matrix Administrators and Website Administrators.

1 day
2 Training units ($1,000 + GST)
Live learning available

Course Topics

This course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Squiz Matrix
  • Overview of Users and Permissions within Squiz Matrix
  • Standard Pages and Folders
  • How to Edit Content
  • Uploading Files
  • Inserting Images and Hyperlinks to a Standard Page Asset
  • Content containers within Standard Pages
  • Moving, Linking and Cloning Assets
  • Metadata
  • Publishing (With and Without an Approval process)


Candidates should have:

  • Basic Computer skills (typing, accessing files on a computer, saving, downloading files from the internet, etc.)
  • Ability to navigate the Internet using an Internet Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Experience with using Microsoft Word or other document editing tools
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