Squiz Matrix Search

The aim of this course is to teach students about the inbuilt Squiz Matrix search engine, it's basic configuration, and accompanying search assets. This course does not cover any information about Funnelback Search.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Manage the search engine
  • Create a new search page
    • Add filters
    • Add 'Search Again'
    • Add pagination
  • Format search results
  • Create a 'saved' search
  • Overview of Calendar search
  • Incorporate Matrix thesaurus and asset tagging

Duration: 1 day
Training Units: 2
Assessment: Exam with theory and practical components


Before attending this course students must have completed the following training:

  • Squiz Matrix Fundamentals (MATR101)
  • Squiz Matrix Packages (MATR210)
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