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A twofold increase in conversion with a new experience

When the biggest property data provider in Australia and New Zealand wanted to overhaul their digital experience, it naturally selected Squiz DXP.
Stéphane Recouvreur

Stéphane Recouvreur 28 Mar 2023



CoreLogic helps people build better lives by providing rich property insights that inform the best property decisions. Their data is used by many organizations such as real estate agencies, government agencies, insurance providers, and construction firms.




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Australians are simply obsessed with real estate property.

So much so that, according to research led by HSBC in 2019, they spend more time window shopping for a new home (2.5 hours a week) than they do talking to their parents (0.88 hours).

And in helping the nation make better-educated decisions about their future property, popular real estate websites, government agencies, construction firms, and insurance companies rely more and more on data from third-party providers.

One company, in particular, has risen head and shoulder above the competition to become the provider of choice in Australia and New Zealand: CoreLogic Asia Pacific.

The company collects and provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely data, via an API or custom business reports. Delivering a great digital experience is paramount to their business.

A digital experience falling behind

In mid-2021 however, CoreLogic’s websites for Australia and New Zealand were falling behind in digital customer experience, and becoming inefficient to manage as CoreLogic’s other business systems progressed.

For customers, the websites were slow, and not mobile-friendly. And for CoreLogic staff, website management was inefficient. Content couldn’t be simply shared between sites on separate CMS instances, external developers were required for any UI or functional changes, and analytics for improving the user experience was limited.

Scoping out a better experience

CoreLogic eventually made the decision to completely redevelop its web properties.

Their objectives were two-fold.

First, to deliver a best-in-class, customer-centric website that would help increase conversion rates and revenue for the business. CoreLogic’s Website Product Owner, Kieran Scott, was clear about the priority improvements to be delivered: two fast and responsive websites, updated with the new branding, and with a content personalization dimension.

Second, the web team wanted to gain operational efficiency and simplify the management of their web properties. Editing webpages should be intuitive, with more automation to drive efficiency in marketing and sales processes.

The tender process identified Squiz DXP as the best fit-for-purpose web platform, and the project to build two new websites on the platform commenced.

A win for customers

The new Australian and New Zealand websites were launched in April and May 2022.

The API-enabled integrations enabled more interactive charts and data visualizations, which were designed to delight users, who are frequently seeking our latest data.

The new automation implemented also drastically shortened the timeframe to make data available to the market. The daily indices component shows up-to-the-day reporting on property values across all major Australian cities. “It’s one of the most important services we provide,” explains Kieran. “If there’s ever a problem with it, we hear about it from customers immediately.”

CoreLogic Daily Indices

Squiz also assisted with new audience segmentation functionalities, improving user experience and laying the foundations for future individualized personalization. Once an anonymous site visitor is identified into an audience segment, they’re served with the content, news, and promotions most relevant to their interests, and tailored search results.

A ‘Core store’ is now also accessible for subscribers. The customer portal enables users to easily purchase CoreLogic’s main product offerings, access RP data, and manage their membership.

CoreLogic store

One platform, two websites

Both the Australian and New Zealand websites now run on the same platform, unlocking obvious operational benefits for the web team.

They share the same editing experience, allowing for a more streamlined management of content. Web pages are easier and faster to create for the creative team, and any UI changes are easily implemented and replicated across both websites to ensure branding consistency.

“The big win for me is what we can now do in-house,” explains Kieran. “Although we’re a really lean team, we can do our own enhancements - be they accessibility or SEO improvements, or developing new features, ourselves.”

Editors can also publish the same content on both websites at the same time, with a “create once, publish anywhere” approach.

Distributed publishing had been a challenge. Now it’s easy to set up simple workflows enabling our producers to upload content straight to the CMS and send it for approval from there. That, alone, has brought huge time savings.

Faster load times

CoreLogic was also pleased to discover that page load times were reduced by an average of more than 10%.

The sites are faster for users, despite the significant amount of media we’ve added to the site – more news, products, image-based graphs – these are all things that should slow the site down; instead, it’s faster than ever.

A faster website has also helped grow usage, Scott believes.

Real business results

Investment in customer experience improvement has paid off in increased sales inquiries, conversions, subscriptions, and revenue.

Among other wins, CoreLogic reported a whopping +100% increase in website sessions to lead conversion rate and a 53% reduction in bounce rate.

Additionally, the company made significant operational improvements, saving costs on external support. And with their DXP provisioned as SaaS, CoreLogic is always on an up-to-date platform, with upgrades happening automatically behind the scenes.

What’s next?

Kieran believes the next big step forward for CoreLogic is to build a single customer view. By collating all customer data points across its products, CRM, an email database, and web usage into a single platform, CoreLogic can make all its digital touchpoints more relevant and personalized for its visitors, drastically improving the customer experience.

“It’s a huge project – but it’s also far more achievable for us with the Squiz platform.”