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Product roadmap

Squiz is embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) while ensuring governance, security, and control.

This roadmap delves into the latest trends around AI, and how we will be incorporating AI into the core DXP capabilities. Learn how AI will be used to improve your search accuracy, automate tasks with chatbots and agents, and automate content creation.

Look out for upcoming releases, including Experience Monitoring, Outcome Optimization, and seamless third-party DAM integrations. Get ahead by learning what’s in production now and what’s to come in a very exciting 2024.

Now - June 2024

Maximize the speed and performance of your websites with Squiz's Experience Monitoring. Get insights into the overall performance of your websites across all domains and analyze individual pages in detail. Identify the reasons for underperformance, such as slow page load times, ineffective cache, and errors. Make necessary improvements to enhance the customer online experience and track progress using the Squiz DXP console.

Easily navigate through images, re-use them, and use your Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution directly within the DXP. Leverage the DAM tools you already have to govern and manage images to ensure that only the latest files are used. Administrators can have greater control over approved assets, while content editors can access a repository of consistent imagery to comply with the brand guidelines.

Provide a humanized customer support experience, with Squiz AI-powered chatbots and agents. Offer customized answers to questions based on a user's profile, and allow the agent to automatically perform tasks, without lifting a finger.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of how customers interact online with a new customer journey mapping tool. Squiz's Outcome Optimization helps identify the most common paths leading to key actions. View where visitors leave your website, time spent on pages, and the impact of device types and referral sites. Set customer journey goals, track progress, and refine strategy to continuously improve over time.

Improve search result accuracy with AI-powered Vector Search. Using AI, the context of a user's query is understood, and relevant synonyms are automatically matched. End users get contextualized, precise results every time.

Improve outcomes and automate content creation with the power of Generative AI (GenAI). GenAI can be used to help rewrite content while maintain your brand’s tone of voice, suggest image descriptions and (in the future) help personalize content for different personas.
GenAI gets the information your customers (or end users) need even faster by providing links that understand context, or by summarizing or translating content

Product releases

Catch up on Squiz DXP product releases. Learn what capabilities and features you can utilize now.