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Squiz Digital Experience Platform

Experiences without compromise

Creating modern site and app experiences demands agility and control. To stay relevant, how do you tap into new innovations, without adding resources or risk?
With Squiz DXP, bring together best-of-need tools from any vendor. Adapt without disrupting performance. Govern everything as one solution.

Trusted locally

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Existing tools were built for the old world

The pace of change is only increasing (Hello AI!). The DXP helps you embrace new innovations to keep customers happy. Avoid stagnation as the world moves on. Progress every day, without giving up flexibility and control.

  • Big, all-in-one tech suites

    Locks you in to one vendor. Your future is sealed with costly investment and limited flexibility.

  • Build your own with niche solutions

    Results in a franken-stack with data silos and messy integrations. A lot of developer support is required.

  • Open-source systems

    Taps into a large developer community, but expect inconsistent open-source code and full reliance on developers for everything.

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The new world: Flexibility and control, without the trade-offs.

Squiz DXP is composable, like blocks that work together in different combinations. Choose the best-of-need tools you need now – from Squiz and any vendor – and adapt your stack as needs change. The DXP ensures governance and security across your tech stack, regardless of the vendor.

Tech freedom

To remain agile you need flexibility. Build the tech stack of your choice, with tools from Squiz or any vendor. Tap into new innovations quickly by easily swapping tools in and out. Our integration platform ensures that your digital experiences keep performing without disruption.

Centralized control

Unify your tools of choice and make them work as one. Bring all your content, data, and tech together on a stable, secure platform. Govern it all – security, access, permissions, performance, error monitoring, and more – from one central location.

Pay for what you use

Efficiency and profitability are critical. Paying for bloated tech suites you’re locked into; or underutilized tools that don’t work together is no way to succeed.
Squiz believes in fairness. We enable you to try what you like and pay for what you use.

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What is Squiz DXP?

What exactly is a composable DXP? How does it differ from a traditional CMS? Get a breakdown in this quick, 90-second explainer.

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What can Squiz do for you?

Heard this before? Build fast. Make sure the experience is consistently on-brand. Don't forget to future-proof for tomorrow. Oh, and do it all with leaner teams and resources! Squiz's composable DXP removes the trade-offs, so you can get it done.

We believe you should be able to come as you are. Don’t rely on a rip-and-replace migration before you evolve. Keep existing tools while you optimize your site with new DXP capabilities. Transition off legacy systems when you’re ready, without disrupting customer experiences.

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"Squiz was flexible enough to meet our business needs, and customize solutions to work with the way we had been doing things, as well as the way we wanted to transition for the future.”

Chinedu Mkpuluma

Chinedu Mkpuluma

Lead, Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a set of tightly integrated technologies that helps you build, manage and connect digital customer experiences from one central place. A DXP unifies content management, site search, insights, customer data and an open ecosystem of integrations in a single platform.

Whether it’s websites, portals, intranets or social media - the DXP empowers organizations to efficiently create and optimize customer experiences across their digital touchpoints vs. managing each one on its own. This makes it easier for teams managing different parts of the customer lifecycle to collaborate and align on the customer experience.

A flexible and open DXP, like Squiz, brings together the data, content and systems needed to deliver customer experiences via API integrations. These integrations could include a CMS, CRM, site search engine, marketing automation, or any other tool that has an API. This means fragmented technology ecosystems with siloed data sources can finally work together.

When your systems, data and content are connected using a DXP, you can deliver contextual customer experiences to different audiences based on their needs:

  • Unlock all of your content through site search - no matter where it lives.
  • Maximize customer data from different sources more effectively.
  • Personalize web content based on user attributes.
  • Ensure brand compliance across all your touchpoints through content workflows.
  • Pre-fill forms for returning visitors.
  • Ensure content is accessible and meets guidelines.
  • And much, much more.

There are different options for managing your digital experiences:

  • Choose an all-in-one monolithic DXP
  • Build your own suite of niche tools
  • Choose an open source tech vendor
  • Build and evolve your tech stack with Squiz composable DXP

An all-in-one DXP offers the entire suite of capabilities from a single vendor. Each capability is interdependent on the rest of the suite and is designed to work as a single end-to-end solution. Switching out or adding any third-party solution is often not possible or very costly.

A build-your-own suite allows you to combine best-of-breed tools to form your tech stack. Each tool solves a specific problem you have, but you have limited capabilities. Added tools (e.g. for personalization or optimization) require point-to-point integrations, which are insecure and difficult to manage. With so many tools forming a “frankenstack”, costs can add up and result in disjointed experiences for the end customer.

Open-source tech provides industry-standard and widely-used frameworks for developers, making hiring and training developers easy. Bugs can be discovered and fixed rapidly thanks to the developer community. However, these tools are often heavily reliant on developers and require a lot of manual work to add capabilities that may not be included.

Squiz DXP brings together the best of all worlds. It’s an open, composable DXP that works like building blocks. While you get all the capabilities you need to build brilliant digital experiences fast, you can choose to add, remove, or change out the blocks depending on what you need at the time, without sacrificing connectivity.

An open DXP integrates technologies via APIs to get products and services from third-party systems working together through a central platform. This enables content, data, and systems to work cohesively when in place. It will also have the flexibility to add new applications, data, or functionality in the future as needs evolve or grow.

A CMS enables users to create, manage and deliver website content at scale. A CMS has two main components; a front-end graphical interface and a back-end that compiles, updates and pushes content to the front end. As its focus is on publishing static content vs. creating a connected and contextual digital experience, it often lacks strong personalization and integration capabilities.

A DXP, however, performs all of the same functionality of a CMS but goes beyond content management to focus on the end-to-end customer experience across multiple digital channels.

It allows:

  • Content to be delivered to different customer touchpoints such as websites, portals, apps, and any other front-end device.
  • Fragmented customer data siloes to be utilized so that customer experiences can be personalized at scale.
  • Integrations of different content repositories, data sources, tools and applications through one platform.
  • All your content - text, images, video, social feeds, profiles, PDFs, data sheets, and documents - to be discoverable through advanced site search capabilities.
  • Raw data to be turned into insights that drive content and accessibility optimization.

A DXP is much more than a CMS. It’s critical for any organization that wants to put the customer at the heart of its digital experience.

A DXP is for organizations that want to take their digital experience to the next level.

Without a DXP, organizations risk delivering a poor experience that impacts customer engagement and loyalty. Imagine that a new visitor wants to learn about your organization, set up an appointment, and become a user or customer. How many different sites and systems might they touch on their journey? Could they do it all online? With different teams managing different parts of the customer lifecycle, you don’t want to deliver a disjointed experience.

Creating a customer-led connected digital experience is exactly what a DXP enables. It’s a single platform that helps organizations build, manage and connect each step of the customer journey together, from one platform.

A DXP connects your tech stack, breaks down data silos, and supports the entire digital journey. It’s the only efficient way to provide customers with what they want, in the way they want, and when they want it.

With the digital customer experience touchpoints today consisting of mobile, websites, social media, customer support, IoT devices, online advertising, email, and more - the sticky-tape way of working across systems is unsustainable.

Examples of how the Squiz DXP can help:

  • Increasing user engagement and conversion by improving content discoverability, relevance and personalization,
  • Empowering customers with 24/7 self-service online through a secure portal,
  • Automating manual processes to increase productivity and using workflows to support brand compliance,
  • Turning fragmented data into insights that drive personalization and optimization across your digital journeys.

The Squiz DXP is built for lean teams in complex, service-led organizations. It’s different from other DXPs in the market as it allows you to bring the tools and systems you already love, unify them in one place, and drive connected experiences from a single platform.

Rip-and-replace is not required unless it’s what you want. The Squiz DXP allows you to complete a total digital transformation, or simply level up with additional digital capabilities - in a way that works for you.

Key benefits of the SaaS-based Squiz DXP:

  • Scale easily based on demand, with a considerable cost reduction compared to rigid on-premise solutions.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in with the flexibility to add, change or remove components when your strategy evolves.
  • Keep pace with the ever-changing tech advances through frictionless upgrades and an open ecosystem.
  • Low-code tools for non-technical staff to adapt quickly.
  • A SaaS subscription means you only pay for what you need.
  • The enhanced search functionality allows indexing of any content from any source.
  • Create content once and publish on different devices with headless capabilities.
  • Integrations are easy with pre-built API connectors.
  • Manage data silos with a store-and-serve solution that makes structured and unstructured data usable.

A unique difference is Squiz’s in-house digital service. With over 20 years of experience designing and implementing digital solutions for complex, service-led organizations, our passionate experts get the job done.

We know the Squiz DXP platform like the back of our hand. Customers can maximize their investment by working with our Services team to:

  • Design a digital roadmap that’s realistic and practical.
  • Optimize your digital return on investment.
  • Upsize and downsize your design and development teams as needed.
  • Access the skills you need for a project, when you need them.
  • Deliver new online services, products and features faster.
  • Drive goal conversion.

By choosing Squiz, you have:

  • A DXP solution that fits easily into your existing digital ecosystem.
  • Flexibility to add or swap third-party applications at any time.
  • An experienced service partner who can help you navigate challenges and maximize your investments long-term.
  • Enterprise-grade security and performance SLAs.
  • Peace of mind that your ecosystem is maintained by one partner.
  • Online learning resources and 24/7 local support.