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Improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and engagement levels

Provide Control

Enable customers to access and update account information, pay bills, and find relevant answers, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Improve efficiency

Our powerful systems integration service, pre-built connectors, and templated solutions reduce costs. Help your marketing and communications teams work faster and rely less on IT resources. Scalable cloud hosting can support huge spikes in traffic during disruptions.

Serve better

View customer information, history and records in one centralized location for quicker response times. Get time back in your day by automating form processing, notifications and customer communications.

Customer experience journey


Easily access personalized, relevant information

  • Get instant quotes anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Save time spent on finding and comparing products through context-based intuitive search, leading to potential savings
  • Reduce process-fatigue through smart forms that automatically access your information on file


Engage through easy to use self-service tools

  • Access your information easily through a user-friendly personalized self-service dashboard
  • Pay bills easily and securely through a modern and secure payment gateway
  • Receive critical information such as payments reminders, through notifications on your chosen channel


Benefit from special tools and incentives

  • Stay ahead of disruptions and plan ahead with access to outage tools
  • Find quick resolution to inquiries through tracked data and chat support
  • Improve your utility spend and choice of products through targeted communications
  • Receive discounts and incentives through tracked data

Our utilities clients

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Solutions to provide exceptional self-service, for less

Squiz Digital Experience Platform
An open, fast and flexible platform to recruit, engage and retain students with templates, components and integrations for universities and colleges of all sizes.
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Castle Water

Following a competitive pitch, Castle Water chose the Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to deliver cost reductions and quality customer care via digital channels.

Serving the Connected Customer: Delivering dynamic customer experience & ROI (Guide)

Utilities' guide to serving the connected customer - Delivering dynamic customer experience and ROI through self-service

5 questions to ask before launching a customer portal

The automation of services is revolutionising the way organisations interact with, and serve, their customers. Automating routine interactions and shifting them online has clear benefits for companies and their customers, but getting these digital projects right takes planning.

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In the initial stages of COVID-19 lockdown measures, businesses were left scrambling to adjust to entirely new ways of working and business pressures. But, as we slowly learn live with pandemic restrictions and businesses tentatively start to resume limited operations, marketing teams may be asking themselves ‘what now?’.

How Cloud-based DXPs Can Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

There was a time, back when customer experience (CX) platforms were still considered ‘emerging’ technologies, that certain vendors tried to sell the ‘single vendor, single customer view’ dream.

Trusted digital experiences at speed

The global pandemic accelerated the pace of change for organizations across every sector in every region of the globe. As more organizations shift services and information to digital channels, trust has become a key concern for customers. This article explores the importance of striking a balance between speed and confidence to deliver on customers' ever-increasing digital demands.

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