1. Aussies Rank Themselves More Innovative Than The UK, NZ & Israel

    Interestingly, the Australian survey found only 7 per cent of business leaders ranked Australia as the most innovative country.

    21 September, 2016 – Mykayla Carr
  2. What can brands learn from Apple’s "courageous" iPhone changes?

    Apple is making a mark by ditching a key component across numerous tech devices, and it calls the decision ‘courageous’. Is it?

    15 September, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  3. Disruption on my mind

    Disruption has really taken a hold on the business psyche, with half of UK firms fearing that an established competitor is likely to usurp them.

    14 September, 2016
  4. ‘About My Vote’ site drives digital engagement for Electoral Commission

    The Electoral Commission partnered with Squiz, the digital transformation business, to develop its EU Referendum microsite.

    13 September, 2016
  5. Snapchat planning Google Glass style augmented reality glasses?

    Snapchat may be looking to make the jump from software to hardware, with as set of augmented reality glasses, according to a news report.

    8 September, 2016
  6. Snapchat may be exploring possibility of augmented reality product

    A potential physical device from Snapchat means businesses may be left wondering whether augmented or virtual reality is where they should be investing.

    7 September, 2016 – Rachel Power
  7. ​5 epic fails brands make with user-generated content

    UGC can be empowering for a brand, but mismanaged and the repercussions can cost both money and reputation.

    7 September, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  8. Over Half Of Australian Business Leaders Not Ready To Innovate

    The results highlighted in a recent survey by Squiz show that just 45 per cent of business leaders said their business is ‘very receptive’ to innovation.

    5 September, 2016 – Mylan Vu
  9. Australian businesses not agile enough in current innovation landscape: report

    The majority of business leaders have revealed they are not prepared, nor have initiatives in place, to implement innovation in their company.

    5 September, 2016 – Jamura Raj
  10. The Pokemon Go effect: How councils are tapping into augmented and virtual reality

    The game’s popularity has left different industries wondering how they could reap the rewards of both augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), especially the Public Sector.

    1 September, 2016 – Sooraj Shah
  11. A day in the working life of tomorrow’s marketer

    We investigate how technology is creating a dramatic shift in the way marketing teams work and collaborate, and the factors that will drive the future marketing function.

    30 August, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  12. How to make your university’s website great

    People, and not just technology, are key to building a successful university website, explains Joe Hoyle

    25 August, 2016 – Joe Hoyle
  13. Why it's time your brand leveraged user-generated content

    We look at how marketers serious about boosting customer engagement and brand loyalty are embracing the power of user-generated content.

    25 August, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  14. 8 ways to nail your approach to customer experience

    Stephen Morgan, co-founder of digital transformation business Squiz, gives Jess Pike the lowdown on what it takes to nail customer experience.

    22 August, 2016 – Stephen Morgan 
  15. What skills do CMOs need to drive the future marketing function?

    Agility, collaboration and new ways of thinking about customer engagement are all set to shake-up the future of marketing.

    18 August, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  16. 80% of UK businesses fear displacement by tech-savvy start-ups

    Eight out of 10 businesses in the UK fear being displaced, not only by startups, but by established competitors, reveals a new survey from digital transformation firm, Squiz.

    16 August, 2016 – Helen Leggatt
  17. Five ways councils can get more young people to vote

    What should local councils consider when implanting a digital strategy aimed at younger citizens?

    16 August, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  18. Fear of the start-ups: 80% of firms fear they could be displaced in 5 years

    UK businesses have extreme fears for the survival of their businesses, with 80% believing that they could be displaced by a new business that focuses on technology within the next 5 years.

    15 August, 2016
  19. Four steps to best practice design thinking in CX projects

    Grace Kraus outlines four keys to marketers who want to implement design thinking and stay ahead in the ever-evolving customer experience game.

    12 August, 2016 – Grace Kraus
  20. UK ad spend to continue rising; tech-savvy users at highest risk of ID fraud

    Being displaced, not only by startups, but also by established competitors, is the biggest fear of UK businesses, a new study by digital experts Squiz finds.

    4 August, 2016 – Sonja Kroll
  21. Online voting attractive to young voters

    Young people would be more likely to vote in future elections and referendums if they are able to do so via a phone, tablet or computer, according to a new survey.

    3 August, 2016
  22. The startup effect: digital transformation in government

    How government bodies can learn from innovative startups.

    31 July, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  23. Top tech stats: Startup and corporate co-innovation, mobile banking & more

    A report from tech and strategy firm Squiz found that 80% of UK businesses fear that they could be displaced by new technology-focused companies within the next 5 years.

    30 July, 2016 – Beth Daniel
  24. Top 10 digital marketing stats of the week

    A study by Squiz has highlighted the worries of businesses owners in the UK, with 49% of UK businesses fearing an established competitor is likely to disrupt them.

    29 July, 2016
  25. 80% of UK firms fear tech rivals will kill them off

    No-one said running a business was easy, but it seems the rise of technology is giving most firms the heebie-jeebies.

    29 July, 2016
  26. Digital Economy Bill: unlocking the potential of data for local government

    Stephen Morgan discusses The Digital Economy Bill and why data sharing needs to be transformed across the public sector.

    29 July, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  27. 80% of UK businesses fear displacement within 5 years

    A staggering 80 per cent of UK businesses fear they could be displaced within the next five years, a report by Squiz has revealed.

    28 July, 2016
  28. Businesses in the UK are afraid of start-ups

    UK’s businesses are afraid of start-ups. Genuinely, thoroughly afraid. The worst part is – these fears are not without solid ground.

    28 July, 2016
  29. Established companies struggling to adapt to digital age

    Established companies are struggling to adapt to developing digital trends, which is putting them at risk of being replaced by young start-ups.

    28 July, 2016 – Annabelle Green
  30. Digital transformation: Marketing and IT collaboration is crucial

    There are 3 key areas that marketers must focus on in order to foster an environment where digital transformation can flourish.

    28 July, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  31. Three in four UK marketers automate email campaigns

    Even among small firms, most have automated email marketing.

    22 July, 2016
  32. The pitfalls and benefits of Uberisation

    Should every business be looking to follow ‘Uberisation’ business model in order innovate?

    14 July, 2016 – Ben Rossi
  33. Back to basics for marketers

    Why marketers should remember the winning tirfecta

    8 July, 2016 – Mykala Carr
  34. Closing the gap between the system and the people

    3 reasons why government needs digital transformation.

    7 July, 2016 – Cindy Lenferna de la Motte
  35. Why publishing brands need to transform to survive

    In order to monetise content, publishers have no choice but to transform.

    4 July, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  36. It's time to get smart

    Predictive analytics, driving smarter decisions and excellent student experiences

    3 July, 2016 – Rebecca Paddick
  37. The silver bullet for successful digital transformation

    The end goal of enhancing customer experience is becoming the same for both the marketing and IT teams. With siloed approaches on the way out, here’s why collaboration between marketing and IT could be Australian businesses’ solution to digital transformation.

    1 July, 2016 – Mykayla Carr
  38. Women in Technology Survey 2016

    Featuring our very own Steph Bradley from our London office, the Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly Women in Technology Survey 2016 collected data between 10 April and 28 May 2016, and represents the views of more than 4,000 technology professionals.

    30 June, 2016 – Mortimer Spinks
  39. First a website crash, then a zombie army of bots - how government IT failings threatened UK democracy

    In the wake of Brexit, the UK government failed to win the IT vote, as well as the Remain vote.

    29 June, 2016 – Eleanor Burns
  40. Is it time to switch to Snapchat?

    From 'sexting app' to marketing giant... Hannah Vickers finds out how Snapchat became your university's new top recruitment tool.

    29 June, 2016 – Hannah Oakman
  41. Why conversational commerce is going to reshape customer engagement

    Conversational commerce is being touted as the key to an exciting new era in mobile-led communication and engagement. Are you ready for it?

    27 June, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  42. Digital transformation is not just about putting services online

    For change to stick, there must be user benefits.

    17 June, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  43. Why IT’s new top priority is customer experience

    The customer journey has traditionally fallen to the marketing team. After all, raising brand awareness, driving lead generation, and increasing sales are all aspects that have the customer at the centre. 

    15 June, 2016 – Robin Marchant
  44. The dangers and pitfalls of the Uber business model

    Uber has given rise to uberisation, with companies rushing to digitally disrupt and transform. However, very real dangers exist in the race to get 'uberised'.

    13 June, 2016 – Eleanor Burns
  45. GDS to form GOV.UK user research panel

    Squiz and GDS are working together to customise SugarCRM Enterprise to meet their needs.

    10 June, 2016
  46. Six key points for marketers from Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends report

    Venture capitalist and former Wall Street analyst Mary Meeker delivered her annual internet and technology trend presentation, in partnership with consultancy KPCB.

    9 June, 2016 – Ben Ice
  47. Three budget blunders marketers should avoid

    We take a look at the biggest mistakes marketers make when planning marketing spend.

    7 June, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  48. The problem with student recruitment experiences

    It's about time the student experience took priority over internal politics.

    3 June, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  49. How will Artificial Intelligence affect marketing?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is perfectly poised to become the norm for market segmentation. Bojana Deskov, marketing insights and data specialist at digital engagement software Squiz, explains how AI can supercharge your marketing efforts.

    3 June, 2016 – Mylan Vu
  50. Collaborate to innovate: Why departments need to combine to progress with digital 

    IT departments have often been the driving force for innovation and digital in the past; managing technology spend and maintaining IT across old systems is a core part of the department’s role, positioning them as tech champions within the business.

    2 June, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  51. ​Why planning early could save you from budget disaster

    Marketing leaders and experts discuss the power of planning your marketing budget early.

    2 June, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  52. ​Digital vision must be led from the top-down

    The CEO can't outsource these decisions anymore.

    27 May, 2016 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  53. 5 secrets to tracking your marketing spend

    Marketing leaders, experts and analysts reveal what it takes to best track and measure your budget spend.

    25 May, 2016 – Azadah Williams
  54. ​Digital vision must be led from the top-down

    The CEO can't outsource these decisions any more.

    25 May, 2016 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  55. Marketers now in the ‘driving seat’ of IT purchase decisions

    Marketers have now overtaken IT managers as the key decision makers on IT spend. New research finds that 66% of people across the board now identify marketing managers as the key stakeholders when purchasing new marketing software.

    19 May, 2016 – Talk Business
  56. ​The dangers of misaligning your marketing budget with business goals

    Marketing leaders and analysts stress importance of aligning marketing spend with your overall company vision.

    16 May, 2016 – Azadah Williams
  57. NICU selects Aussie integrator for digital transformation

    Australian technology consultancy Squiz has implemented a new CRM and marketing automation system for the four branches of the Northern Island Credit Union (NICU), with 60 licenses issued initially.

    10 May, 2015 – Samira Sarraf
  58. 15 startling digital marketing statistics from this week

    If you're interested in social commerce, digital transformation, PPC, ecommerce conversion rates, print ad spend, travel UX, telco UX, programmatic, payments, insurance UX, Euro 2016 and fashion ecommerce... *pause for breath* then you're in luck.

    29 April, 2016 – Ben Davis
  59. Competing departments are holding back digital transformation

    According to a new report, 43% of companies feel their digital transformation efforts are being hampered by competing departments wanting to ‘own digital.’  

    28 April, 2016 – Sam Pudwell
  60. Conflict between departments over ‘owning digital’ is holding companies back, research reveals

    Study finds internal conflict between departments is acting as a barrier to digital transformation.

    28 April, 2016 – Ben Rossi
  61. Competition between departments to ‘own digital’ slowing business transformation

    94% of digitally mature businesses plan to address the threat of digital disruption by transforming systems and processes, but 43% of companies see competing departments wanting to own digital as a barrier to effective digital transformation in their organisation, according to a Forrester Consulting study.

    28 April, 2016 – The Marketing Blog
  62. Northern Inland Credit Union embarks on digital transformation with Squiz

    Northern Inland Credit Union (NICU), a mutually owned authorised deposit taking institution (ADI) delivering financial services to benefit Members, has selected Squiz to power its journey to providing digital and data-driven Member experiences.

    28 April, 2016 – B&T
  63. B2B executives focus on the customer in marketing technology spend

    Marketing automation and CRM tools enable a new customer-centric approach.

    28 April, 2016 – eMarketer
  64. Socitm conference: councils 'still battling' multiple channel shift barriers

    Local authorities in England face at least a dozen distinct barriers to fully harnessing the power of digital service-delivery, according to research presented at Socitm’s spring conference.

    21 April, 2016 – Jim Dunton
  65. Customer is North Star in digital transformation, but don't forget the rest

    To stay competitive, brands must recognise that all elements of the customer journey are connected and must evolve as shoppers interact with your business.

    21 April, 2016 – Heather Wright
  66. Why we need to be reevaluating the role of marketers in IT investment

    Two thirds of people within organisations now view marketing managers as the key stakeholders when purchasing new marketing software - not the IT department.

    19 April, 2016 – Chloe Lemmon
  67. Facebook chatbots ‘opportunity for retailers’

    To stay competitive, brands must recognise that all elements of the customer journey are connected and must evolve as shoppers interact with your business.

    19 April, 2016 – Chris Lemmon
  68. Do you need to up your digital game?

    Stephen Morgan, co-founder of digital transformation business, Squiz, provides 3 great tips for making your business more digital.

    8 April, 2016 – Modern Manager
  69. Marketing tech company Squiz expands into Auckland, looks to bring marketing and IT closer together

    New Zealand managing director Patrick Fitzgerald talked to StopPress about the changing landscape of marketing technology, how the lines are blurring between marketing and IT departments and what the technology developers are doing to help.

    15 April, 2016 – Erin McKenzie
  70. 5 things you need to know about Facebook’s chat bots and the future of service

    What's the purpose these bots are set to serve and how they might aid the relationship between business and consumer?

    14 April, 2016 – Chris Ward
  71. Marketers claim responsibility for customer experience but rarely measure ROI

    B2B marketers appear confident with leading customer experience initiatives, yet measuring ROI off the back of their efforts isn’t part of the plan.

    12 April, 2016 – Monika Komar
  72. Half of B2B Marketers Struggle with Proving ROI in Customer Experience Initiatives

    Forty-five percent of marketers place customer experience as the number one business priority, but almost the same percentage (47 percent) are struggling to prove its return on investment, according to a study by Squiz and B2B Marketing.

    12 April, 2016 – Nancy White
  73. B2B marketers struggling to connect with customers

    More than two fifths (41%) of B2B marketers are struggling to connect with customers, despite the majority describing it as “very important”.

    11 April, 2016 – Daniel Hunter
  74. Three-quarters of marketers struggle to provide consistent customer experience

    The majority of marketers are struggling to provide a consistent customer experience, according to new research conducted by B2B Marketing and Squiz.

    6 April, 2016 – B2B Marketing
  75. How the marketing team can remain relevant during digital transformation

    In this opinion piece, Robin Marchant, Global CMO of digital engagement software company Squiz, explains why it is vital to ensure CMOs’ skills and influence are well-represented internally, as their role dramatically shifts during digital transformation.

    4 April, 2016 – Robin Marchant
  76. How to create a digital mindset in your business

    Becoming a truly digital business is more than just hiring in a few experts at the top; change has to be more comprehensive and fundamental.

    1 April, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  77. Obstacles hold back marketing tech in Australia and New Zealand

    Insufficient budgets and lack of understanding are key challenges.

    22 March, 2016 – eMarketer
  78. 60 per cent of IT workers say improving customer experience is top digital goal

    The majority of IT workers say improving customer experience is their top digital goal for 2016, with 60 per cent indicating this shift in their traditionally tech-focused role, according to the Squiz State of Marketing Technology Report 2016.

    21 March, 2016 – RustReport
  79. Aussie marketers target automation

    Marketers in Australia are stepping up their investment in marketing automation software despite half of them struggling to fully understand what it actually entails, according to a new survey.

    15 March, 2016 – WARC
  80. Do marketers now have more IT purchasing power than IT managers?

    Research claims two-thirds of marketing managers now call the shots ahead of IT managers when it comes to purchasing new marketing software.

    14 March, 2016 – Ben Rossi
  81. Marketers Investing 70% More On Marketing Automation Software Than In 2015

    Despite heavier investments and swift uptake of the latest technologies, 52 per cent of marketers admit they still struggle to understand marketing automation.

    14 March, 2016 – Louise Jaques
  82. Marketers in the driving seat of IT purchasing

    New research finds that 66% of people across the board now identify marketing managers as the key stakeholders when purchasing new marketing software.

    14 March, 2016 – Francesca James
  83. CIOs and CMOs reckon their relationships are 'awesome': survey

    Results also show evidence of greater integration between the teams, resulting in similar digital goals.

    11 March, 2016 – Bonnie Gardiner
  84. Marketers may be too quick to jump at latest technologies

    Marketers are investing significantly more on marketing automation software than last year, despite just over 50% admitting they struggle to understand marketing automation.

    11 March, 2016 – Ben Ice
  85. Report: Marketing automation major investment area yet marketers still don't get it

    Latest Squiz State of ANZ Marketing Technology report also shows better collaboration between marketing and IT to achieve digital strategy goals.

    11 March, 2016 – Nadia Cameron
  86. Marketers plough budgets into automation

    While integrating all platforms and channels is still thought to be a struggle for marketers, it is listed as the most important digital goal for 28% of respondents.

    11 March, 2016 – Nicola Riches
  87. Marketers are now making IT purchase decisions, study reveals

    Marketers have become more tech-savvy than IT managers, especially when it comes to new technologies needed for business, a new report by digital transformation business Squiz reveals. 

    10 March, 2016 – Sead Fadilpašić
  88. UK Marketers drive IT purchasing despite limited technical knowledge

    New research outlines that 66% of marketing managers are driving their company’s IT spend, with IT managers forced to take a back seat when it comes to investments in new platforms for business growth.

    10 March, 2016 – Richard Towey
  89. Marketers supercede IT managers in calling the shots on software purchases

    Marketers have leapfrogged IT managers in importance when it comes to the purchase of new marketing software, with 66 per cent of marketing managers now in the ‘driving seat’ when it comes to such decisions.

    10 March, 2016 – John Glenday
  90. Calling old-school CMOs: make digital transformation a priority

    It is shocking to see that only 44% of business leaders indicate that they work for companies where digital disruption is a board-level concern.

    9 March, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  91. Are millennial CMOs changing business?

    Move over grandad: a new generation of CMOs are joining the board and driving change.

    1 March, 2016
  92. How millennial CMOs are the key to driving business change

    Not so long ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs have ever done. This does not mean the CMO will take over the CIO’s role, but it does mean that those in control of marketing will become more data driven.

    18 February, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  93. The price of brand loyalty

    What are the best strategies for getting loyal customers and brand ambassadors in a multichannel world?

    10 February, 2016 – Phil Lattimore
  94. What is Google's AMP? Why ad tech needs to be ready

    Watch Stephen Morgan explain Google’s mobile project in detail - from the way publishers will likely use it and how ad tech vendors can test to see if their technology is compatible.

    5 February, 2016 – Ciaran O'Kane
  95. ​How to get the best ROI from your martech investment

    Marketers need to be more savvy with their marketing tech spend to remain competitive and relevant. CMO gathers advice on how get a martech ROI.

    4 February, 2016 – Azadeh Williams
  96. What does the “fourth industrial revolution” mean for Britain’s businesses?

    The rapid pace of technological innovation has placed us in the midst of the “fourth industrial revolution” - what does this mean for UK firms?

    27 January, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  97. The power of partnerships: Hailing an Uber via Facebook Messenger

    Facebook and Uber may not seem like the most likely bedfellows, however a recently announced partnership suggests they may have some chemistry.

    27 January, 2016 – Stephen Morgan
  98. Verint partners with Squiz to help governments with digital transformation

    This partnership will combine technology with consultancy to help governments meet and exceed their digital transformation goals.

    16 January, 2016
  99. Squiz and Verint alliance to drive digital transformation for government firms

    Partnership aims at assisting government organisations to start afresh with designing, connecting systems, and executing their digital transformation strategies.

    17 January, 2016 – CIO Review
  100. Verint and Squiz announce partnership to further enable digital transformation for government

    This partnershi[ will combine technology with consultancy to help enable organizations to exceed their digital transformation goals.

    16 January, 2016
  101. Go greater than digital: Digital-first, customer-centric strategy

    As the pace of digital innovation quickens, Australian businesses are falling behind on strategy.

    15 January, 2016 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  102. How your business can embrace data analytics in marketing without needing a data scientist

    All around us, data analytics is drastically transforming marketing strategies, and it is essential for today’s businesses to embrace change.

    14 January, 2016 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  103. 16 tech trends that are set to be huge in 2016

    Steve Morgan and other leading figures report on what the biggest tech trends of 2016 will be.

    5 January, 2016 – Robyn Vinter
  104. How to strike the delicate balance between technology, marketing, and sales

    John-Paul Syriatowicz speaks to bizEDGE NZ about fostering collaboration between technology, sales, and marketing – a triumvirate traditionally known for conflicting priorities and interests.

    24 December, 2015 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  105. Predictions: 16 digital marketing trends for 2016

    Marketing leaders, analysts and industry commentators share what they believe the key marketing trends for 2016. 

    21 December, 2015 – Azedah Williams
  106. My Top 7 apps: Stephen Morgan from Squiz

    Steve Morgan talks about his favourite 7 apps and ones to look out for in the new year.

    17 December, 2015 – Sarah P
  107. Predictions 2016: What’s trending in big data and predictive analytics

    Marketing leaders, analysts and industry commentators share their insights into what 2016 holds for big data and predictive analytics.

    16 December, 2015 – Azedah Williams
  108. ​Predictions 2016: 7 trends set to drive the CMO role

    Marketing leaders, analysts and industry commentators share what they believe to be key for marketing strategies in 2016.

    10 December, 2016 – Azedah Williams
  109. Amazon launchpad: just as powerful for amazon as the startups on it

    Steve Morgan, Co-Founder, Squiz, explains why Amazon Launchpad makes Amazon as much of an innovator as the start-ups it's supporting.

    2 December, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  110. Forget about Generations X, Y and Z: Three tips on targeting digitally-savvy Gen C

    Brands should forget about trying to appeal to different generations such as Baby Boomers and Gen Y. John-Paul Syriatowicz, group chief executive of digital strategy company Squiz, believes businesses need to be targeting a group he calls “Generation C” instead of the traditional age categories.

    26 November, 2015 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  111. 2016 will see less talk, more action on digital transformation

    There are three trends that will drive the digital marketing sector in 2016.

    23 November, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  112. Forget Gen Y, X, And Z! Gen C is the one you want!

    You've heard about Generation X, Y, and Z, but what about generation C? Generation C is a new whole new group for brands and marketers to consider. John-Paul Syriatowicz, Group CEO of digital company Squiz, explains why this is one group of consumers you can't afford to ignore.

    23 November, 2015 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  113. How to get and keep staff buy-in during digital transformation

    Squiz's Group CEO and co-founder John-Paul Syriatowicz offers his advice on how to get staff buy-in throughout your digital transformation journey.

    20 November, 2015 – John-Paul Syriatowicz
  114. Mobile is the new way to reach students 'on campus'

    Roger Warner, Squiz UK's Head of Strategy, explains how mobile can help HEIs build stronger student relationships.

    12 November, 2015 – Rebecca Paddick
  115. CMS overhaul only the beginning

    Fighting the chance that organisational inertia could compromise the agency’s efforts to improve its customer interactions, the DTI project team continued working to develop a service and interaction roadmap for its reinvention - by first working alongside consultancy and implementation partner Squiz to conduct extensive, focused customer research.

    11 November, 2015 – David Braue
  116. Being human a transformation key

    Marc Englaro is Director of Customer Insights at Australian customer experience and digital services company Squiz. While the focus of the digital transformation narrative is on the technology, Mr Englaro says the high-value parts of these transactions remains human-scale.

    9 November, 2015 – Graeme Philipson
  117. Overcoming the obstacles of a modern ‘digital’ strategy

    Modern businesses need to awaken to the fact that, in today’s business environments, a ‘digital strategy’ is about much more than ‘digital’: it’s really customer, business and growth strategies all rolled into one.

    4 November, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  118. Executive connections: Squiz's global CEO deals with digital transformation

    Following CMO, CIO and ADMA’s recent Executive Connections event for CMOs and CIOs, entitled ‘Mastering Digital Transformation’, we ask Squiz global CEO, John-Paul Syriatowicz for his take on embracing digital successfully.

    29 October, 2015
  119. How to foster digital intelligence at your company

    From reverse mentoring to deep-dive workshops, agencies and brands offer tips to ensure all your staff keep on top of technology.

    23 October, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  120. Ignoring digital disruption could be your downfall

    Why facing up to digital disruption is critical for marketers to take the lead within successful businesses.

    19 October, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  121. Embracing digital transformation in the finance sector

    Squiz MD talks through how several of its Australian customers are responding to rapidly shifting customer expectations and digital disruption in the financial services sector.

    7 October, 2015 – Azedah Williams
  122. How can you meet the 'student experience' challenge?

    The higher education sector, like every other, is grappling with changing ‘customer’ experience trends and new technology. Where the HE sector is immediately affected by this trend, and where it can exploit it, is within student recruitment. Steve Morgan, Co-Founder, Squiz, explores how HE is dealing with the challenge.

    5 October, 2015 – Hannah Oakman
  123. NSW Department of Industry undergoes digital transformation

    Consolidates 148 websites, 30+ intranets and numerous social media accounts.

    15 September, 2015 – Bonnie Gardiner
  124. University of Salford launches Tinder-style app to match students with perfect course

    Institution says app was designed to make the experience of clearing ‘reassuring and enjoyable’.

    11 September, 2015 – Ellie Bothwell
  125. Squiz annual user conference in pictures

    Australian-founded global technology and strategy business​, Squiz, recently held its annual user conference, Squiz Summit, at Docklands, Melbourne. Bringing digital and marketing professionals together from across Australia, the summit offered insights into what the future holds for the digital age, marketing technology, and how marketers can maximise their digital presence, customer experience and output.

    9 September, 2015 – Hafizah Osman
  126. University of Salford launches Tinder-style Clearing app to 'match' students with their ideal course

    Prospective university students who are still mulling over what to do post exam-results just might end up being partnered-up with their ideal course – thanks to a new Tinder-style Clearing app.

    9 September, 2015 – Aftab Ali
  127. University of Salford matches students with courses using Tinder-style app

    More than 10,000 students selected their university course this summer through a user experience that emulates dating app Tinder.

    9 September, 2015 – Ben Rossi
  128. University of Salford introduces Tinder-like app to matchmake students with courses

    The University of Salford has introduced a Tinder-style app for clearing that will help match students up to their best suited courses...

    9 September, 2015 – Tony Connelly
  129. Getting users onside may be key to digital disruption

    It may seem obvious once stated, but organisations are rediscovering the importance of meeting internal and external user requirements.

    4 September, 2015 – Stephen Withers
  130. The 7 common mistakes marketing leaders are still making

    Experts discuss the fatal flaws hindering modern marketing leadership and how you can simplify workflow processes and improve efficiencies.

    4 September, 2015 – Azedah Williams
  131. Women’s Institute relaunches in a bid to attract younger audiences

    The organisation has revamped its website as it aims to move away from its traditional Middle England image.

    28 August, 2015 – Leonie Roderick
  132. Women's Institute revamps website for 100th birthday

    The Women’s Institute (WI) has partnered with Squiz, the digital transformation company, to create a responsive website that engages with its members, and enables easy on-the-go promotion. Celebrating its 100th birthday this year, the organisation wanted to ensure it was meeting the demands of a 21st century audience.

    28 August, 2015
  133. Women’s Institute revamps website for 100th birthday

    Women’s Institute revamps website for 100th birthday - Digital marketing news and research from Digital Strategy Consulting - The Women’s Institute (WI) has partnered with Squiz, the digital transformation company, to create a responsive website that engages with its members, and enables easy on-the-go promotion.

    28 August, 2015
  134. Three lessons that Uber can teach us about digital disruption

    The importance of our ‘online’ offerings is giving way to customer experience as the major differentiator between businesses. As a result, traditional industries which were not widely acknowledged to ‘need’ shaking up, have been turned upside down by disruptive technologies.

    27 August, 2015 – Stephen Morgan
  135. Women’s Institute relaunches its digital offering in a bid to attract younger audiences

    The Women’s Institute, which is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, is hoping to move away from its traditional Middle England image by revamping its website and in turn enticing younger women to sign up.

    27 August, 2015 – Leonie Roderick
  136. Bringing jam and Jerusalem into the digital age: How the WI is eyeing another 100 years thanks to mobile, social, and video

    “The traditional view of the Women’s Institute is jam and Jerusalem or Calendar Girls,” laughs Charlotte Fiander.

    27 August, 2015 – Jennifer Faull
  137. Women’s Institute relaunches its digital offering in a bid to attract younger audiences

    The website has been made image-led and mobile-responsive, with its 242,000 members being able to upload information and photos of their local Women’s Institutes. “We reached a stage where the website was filled with lots of information about the WI, but not with what people actually wanted to read,” said Charlotte Fiander, head of communications at Women’s Institute. “With the relaunch, the website provides the ability for each individual WI to take ownership,” she said. But there is another reason for the brand’s digital makeover, which was managed by digital agency Squiz. “The renewed website will undoubtedly attract younger members as well,” Fiander said. “The responsive design has brought us up-to-date in that respect. Nowadays, people expect to go online, and for a national organisation to have a well-organised site,” she said. “The fact that half of our audience now comes from mobile devices supports what we are saying.”

    27 August, 2015
  138. Women’s Institute relaunches its digital offering in a bid to attract younger audiences

    The website has been made image-led and mobile-responsive, with its 242,000 members being able to upload information and photos of their local Women's Institutes.

    27 August, 2015 – Leonie Roderick
  139. Innovation as a term has been corrupted

    Stephen Morgan, MD Europe of digital transformation business Squiz, explains how marketers can encourage their companies to go back to process as a measure of success, spearheading the rebirth of real innovation.

    10 August, 2015
  140. Uber growing faster than Facebook with $51bn valuation

    Uber has gained another $1bn in funding and been valued at close to $51bn, making the taxi app the world’s most valuable startup and reaching the mark faster than Facebook. The growth reflects its aggressive global expansion into more than 300 cities and growing popularity ferrying millions of riders daily.

    4 August, 2015
  141. Uber joined the $50bn startup club because it's a "disruptor"

    Global Trader produces a range of titles to provide an audience with concise articles, facts and information from leading organisations and market and industry knowledge to help develop their strategic plans for international trade.

    31 July, 2015

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