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Squiz DXP: Platform Leader in GigaOm Radar report

The Squiz DXP is rated as a 'fast mover' and 'leader' with exceptional functionality in the GigaOm Radar Report.

Julie Brettle 07 Feb 2024

We are thrilled to see Squiz named a ‘Fast Mover’ and ‘Leader’ in the latest Digital Experience Platform (DXP) GigaOm Radar report.

GigaOm has rated the Squiz DXP as ‘exceptional’ in multiple categories (we’re gushing!) – identifying the platform as easy to use, easy to deploy, flexible, and scalable.

Also, shouting out some of our exceptional functionality:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors – helping organizations to get up and running quicker.
  • Accessibility tracking – making sure content is compliant and fully accessible.
  • Content recommendations – helping marketers to optimize content delivery.
  • Social support – helping repurpose content on social sites.
  • Chatbots – using chatbots to increase self-service.

What does this mean for you?

Our Chief Product Officer, Julie Brettle, spills the beans…

“Oh, we are super proud to be recognized as a DXP leader in this report. And what’s great for potential customers that are on the lookout for a DXP partner, is that these analysts have already done the legwork for them. They’ve looked at how our capabilities fair up against our competitors, they’ve listed our expertise, they’ve audited our services and they’ve ranked us appropriately. Organizations can confidently compare different suppliers out there to see which suits their needs best.

Rankings are also great for current customers as they highlight our commitment to continually improving our product. Our commitment to help them build brilliant experiences, really fast. We continue to build on our services and we’re really excited for what's to come in 2024. So stay tuned!”

Let’s unpack the key insights from the report….

About the GigaOm DXP Radar report

This report highlights the main players in the DXP world – arming organizations with the information they need to choose a digital experience solution partner that meets their needs.

It offers an independent perspective of all the vendors with a detailed side-by-side comparison of their products’ technical capabilities and feature sets.

Breaking down the radar

The radar comprises of quadrants set between two axes:

  • On the Y axis – maturity vs innovation
  • On the X axis – feature play vs platform play

Each quadrant represents different organizational needs and goals. Unlike other industry charts, there is no “bad” quadrant. A vendor’s ranking is determined by how well their position on the radar aligns with the needs of their customers.

Maturity and innovation 

We have been positioned high on the maturity axis.

It highlights that Squiz continuously innovates but in a measured and disciplined way. For the complex, often highly regulated, organizations we partner with, practical pathways to digital transformation requires minimal business disruption.

Our approach is designed to reassure customers by reducing operational risk in implementations. This is a product of deep experience serving customers for over 26 years.

Platform play and feature play 

Our position is almost exactly in the middle of the X axis, between feature play and platform play. We constantly deliver new capabilities for customers to meet market shifts, but do so with a platform approach. This means customers access new features, without trading off the governance found in a platform.  

Squiz offers the built-in security and governance controls organizations need to adopt new tools with confidence.  We also designed the DXP to expect to work with third-party tools.

This is vital to enable customers to respond to market needs quickly by leveraging new tools or data sources, regardless of vendor.  Data must flow seamlessly, and multiple capabilities must work together as one solution.

Let’s break down where Squiz outperformed other vendors in the report.

GigaOm Squiz rating


This section of the report summarizes how Squiz performs in the capabilities GigaOm considers to be differentiating and critical in this sector.

These include:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors
  • Content recommendations
  • Accessibility tracking
  • Social support
  • Chatbots

And here’s what the report author, Sue Clarke, had to say about Squiz:

“Squiz DXP has outstanding capabilities in a number of areas, including out-of-the-box connectors, which help organizations to get up and running more quickly by allowing easy connection to external applications; content recommendations, which help marketers to optimize content delivery; accessibility checking, for making sure content is compliant and fully accessible to those with disabilities; social support to help repurpose content on social sites; and chatbots to increase self-service.”


Squiz works with customers worldwide, with our digital experience platform (DXP) primarily serving service-led organizations with complex multi-site and channel delivery models. In this category, we were assessed on the ability to meet the needs of organizations, including use cases in large enterprises where ease of use and deployment are critical.

“Digital transformation is nothing more than business transformation. Business transformation is typically based on three value-based disciplines. They are operational efficiency, customer intimacy, and product superiority. Digital Experience Platforms can directly support all three of those transformation strategies” – Darrel Kent, Field CTO at GigaOm.

This diagram helps to bring what we offer to life. It displays the nine core capabilities we offer – all unified by one, secure platform. As a composable DXP, they work together in different configurations to deliver tailored solutions for customers based on their needs – from increasing productivity and efficiency, to driving growth and customer loyalty.

Get more of a flavor of what we do by visiting our sector pages:


“Squiz DXP is available as a SaaS solution, offered in partnership with AWS and as a managed solution within the private Squiz Cloud hosting environment with built-in redundancy capabilities, failover, and load balancing.” – Sue Clarke, Analyst at GigaOm

Our SaaS platform has been designed to ensure customers get automatic access to the latest features as and when they are available – no need for time-consuming, laborious upgrades. These updates are installed automatically behind the scenes whilst you work.

Working with our partner, Cloudflare, we also architected our SaaS environment with security as our first priority – with DDoS mitigation services and a Web Application Firewall (WAF). A SaaS model is great for organizations that can’t lend 100% of their attention to digital experience security – they can rest easy knowing this is being handled by the experts.


The report’s evaluation metrics section provides insight into the non-functional requirements that factor into a purchase decision and determine a solution’s impact on an organization.

GigaOm has identified these as:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of deployment
  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

Darrel Kent, Field CTO at GigaOm, also speaks on our ability to integrate with legacy systems…

“Squiz is ranked highly for its integration with legacy systems, which is where CIOs are likely to have a high degree of interest. Its ability to show successful integration, a track record of an adaptable interface, and a disaggregated interface for agility is important to that particular persona.”

This is great for the public organizations that we work with. It means they don’t need to adopt the latest tech or tooling to build brilliant digital experiences – it means they can come as they are, with the tech stack they know and love.

It’s our goal at Squiz to help organizations build brilliant digital experiences fast, and embrace change. To do that, our capabilities have to be easy to use, fast to deploy, scalable and flexible. The report reinforces the value we promise to customers.

And, we're only just getting started…

Alongside our GigaOm recognition, we've ranked in a number of other leading analyst rankings, including:

  1. Gartner Magic Quadrant (for 13 years running!)
  2. Leader in the Omdia Universe: Digital Experience Management 2023-2024 report
  3. Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Customer Data Platforms 2024 report
  4. Forrester DXP Landscape 2023
  5. Forrester CMS Landscape 2023

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