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400% increase in online payments for Castle Water

Castle Water, UK’s leading independent business water supplier, was set to overcome its customer service challenges through a website overhaul.
Stéphane Recouvreur

Stéphane Recouvreur 22 Sep 2022

Castle Water

Castle Water

Castle Water is the leading independent water retailer in the UK. We deliver water and wastewater services to hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities, and public bodies throughout England and Scotland.






As an entirely independent retailer, they are committed to delivering cost reductions and quality customer care; however, several challenges threatened to compromise this promise.

  • An aging website and outdated CMS made it impossible to meet customers’ expectations to transact digitally.
  • The dated payment system could not reconcile payments and reference numbers, increasing manual hours for their finance team.
  • Disorganized content meant customers could not find the information they needed, causing new business acquisitions and customer retention to suffer

The pitch

In a competitive pitch, Castle Water selected Squiz Consulting and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to redevelop their digital platform. Together Squiz and Castle Water designed a new web presence that aimed to

  • Increase customer self-service functionality
  • Improve security, ensuring the safety of customer data when processing online payments
  • Scale up the volume of customer transactions online to validate hundreds of transactions each week

Working with the Squiz services team

The Squiz consulting team mapped user journeys, conducted a competitor analysis, and audited Castle Water’s tech stack to build a digital strategy. This led to the delivery of

  • A new website with a streamlined look and feel and simple but scalable content management
  • New search functionality implemented with Funnelback to help customers find the information they need
  • A new payment system able to index, filter, and search across multiple data source

The results

The first phase website launch achieved impressive results:

  • 400% increase in online payments within the first week
  • All payments are now validated

Castle Water will focus on further developing its customer self-service functionality in phase two of the project.