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Funnelback is powerful website search that uses machine learning and advanced algorithms, to surface the most relevant information, fast. Use Funnelback to simultaneously return results from multiple data sources including social, online and enterprise databases. Then, use insights and analytics dashboards to track search terms, clicks and engagement to ensure you are always delivering the right content.

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Why you need Funnelback for your site search

Surface the most relevant information, fast

Funnelback uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to deliver the most relevant content, every time.

Return results from multiple data sources

Searches can return results from social, online and enterprise databases, wherever your data lies.

Create and deliver the right content

You can track search terms, clicks and content engagement to ensure you are delivering the right content for your audience.

Amazing features to power your user experience

Autocomplete queries

Provide users with instant content suggestions, delivered from multiple data sources, directly in the search box as they type.

Optimised rankings

Optimise page content rankings and automatically show the most relevant results with machine learning algorithms which consider and combine visitor behaviour patterns and business knowledge.

Content weighting

Configure Funnelback’s keyword weighting and content boosting settings to deliver the specific information your customers are seeking and that serves your business goals.

Knowledge graph

Display personalised recommendations to users, utilising knowledge graph technology which crawls and consolidates data points across your content to find relationships between data sets.

Custom results

Quickly and easily customise results using specifically designed thumbnails, coloured cards and more to capture attention and maximise conversion.

Task based search

Improve your customers search experience with multiple search panels. Instead of navigating your entire site customers can search within a specific category such as product catalogues, employee directories, course finders and publications libraries.

Content Analytics

Evaluate how your customers are searching, clicking and engaging onsite with Funnelback’s analytics dashboard. Continue to optimise your content using real time customer insights.

Marketing Dashboard

Improve content reading grade, grammar, response times, duplication, accessibility and search engine optimisation using our intelligent audit tools.

Personalised website content

Tailor your website content to each customer in real time with dynamic content. Automate how you promote events, blog posts, and more based on customers’ interactions with your site.

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