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Student Experience: creating a digital platform to manage the student lifecycle

Student experience has emerged as the battleground for brand differentiation and reve...

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Creating a seamless student experience – on campus and virtually

This webcast will discuss the growing pressures on colleges to stay connected to stud...

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Creating a valuable student experience - how to leverage your student portal to improve engagement

Students in today's digital ecosystem expect a valuable, low friction experience from...

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Five tactics to boost enrollment in 2021

As we near the end of 2020, you’ll do well to find a single organization that hasn’t faced severe disruption at the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic. Higher Education is certainly no exception. Student acquisition strategies across the globe have been re-written, torn up and re-written again in response to mass uncertainty, fundamental rule changes, and an unprecedented level of competition. It’s really no wonder then that 42 percent of university presidents listed ‘enrollment’ as their primary worry about the pandemic, according to a 2020 survey (Source: ABC Survey).

Funnelback - Program Finder

The Funnelback program finder is an out-of-the-box solution for higher education websites. Download the Product Guide to learn about the features of this powerful tool.

Increasing student retention in higher education through digital engagement

Managing remote workers presents an entirely new set of challenges for organisations and goes well beyond simply providing workers with a laptop and scheduling regular online video conferences. In fact, isolation and inadequate IT present two of the biggest challenges for successful remote working.

9 Tips for Improving your Student Attraction Online

For higher education institutions, the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges not just in terms of maintaining curricula in a remote environment, but also in regards to forecasting enrollments and attracting future students.Without in-person campus tours and the guarantee of international students, the digital presence of higher education institutions suddenly became critical in attracting domestic students.

Funnelback for higher education

Funnelback for Higher Education, an out of the box site search solution for higher education websites.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

The primary goal for the new site search at BCIT was to help site visitors find the content they need, quickly, without having to make multiple searches.

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