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The rise of Covid-19 has added immense pressure to what was already going to be the biggest clearing period the UK has ever seen. As students increasingly see clearing as a viable option, and the almost undoubted effect Covid-19 will have on international recruitment, marketing and digital leaders across the country need to understand the challenge they face in order to prepare for it.

In 2014 there were 59,960 placements via Clearing, so the 2019 figure represents an almost 11% increase. It’s also a 6.2% increase on last year. (

Join Toby Margetts, Strategy Director, and Asha Barwell, Higher Education Expert,  as they share insights and best practices on how to bolster your recruitment drive this year.

In this webinar, industry leaders will share:

  • Why clearing is becoming students most preferred channel, even before the pandemic.
  • How a significant fall in international recruitment will affect domestic recruitment.
  • How to supercharge your student recruitment efforts with innovative solutions.
  • The legacy of Covid-19 beyond 2020.

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