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Get ready for an insight-filled day of innovation and learnings at Squiz Summit 2019.

Listen to inspiring stories of how our customers are using technology to innovate and create connected digital experiences.

Hear about what’s to come with Squiz products and have a say in shaping the roadmap.

Gain insights about the future of technology and its impact on UK businesses

Learn about the latest tools and features available to help you provide real value to your customers across each digital touch point

Enabling digital experiences across multiple sectors

Rethink traditional ways of engaging with your end users to deliver digital experiences that are customer-centric and add value fast. Throughout Summit, we will focus on sharing practical tips and tools to help your organisation build, scale and optimise its digital ecosystem.

Citizen Experience

Build stronger citizen relationships, through personalised, timely interactions and streamlined digital experiences.

Customer Experience

Provide added value and convenience to connected customers by allowing them to self-serve across their digital experience.

Employee Experience

Craft a rich digital experience that facilitates employee communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Student Experience

Engage meaningfully and deliver a flawless digital experience that meets the demands of modern-day students from applicant to alumni.


  • Alex Wood

    Alex Wood

    Business Analyst & Delivery Lead - ICAS

  • Rebecca Monks

    Rebecca Monks

    Digital Communications Manager - Creative Scotland

  • JP Syriatowicz

    JP Syriatowicz

    CEO - Squiz

  • Matt Adney

    Matt Adney

    Chief Product Officer - Squiz

    Matt is a transformational leader who works with technology teams to build innovative digital platforms. After more than twenty years leading software product strategy and development, Matt understands how to blend customer-first thinking with a culture of execution to create breakthrough products and services.

    Matt's career has spanned from startup co-founder to international head of product roles to innovation consulting. He now leads the product development efforts for all Squiz digital platforms. Matt has led teams all over the globe to launch products in a variety of markets including content management, digital communications, business process management and banking. Matt strongly believes that successful products result from enabling great team culture and is a strong advocate for lean and agile practices.

  • Duncan MacGruer

    Duncan MacGruer

    Editorial Development Manager - University of Edinburgh

  • Duncan Ireland

    Duncan Ireland

    Web Manager - University of the Highlands & Islands

  • Bartek Banda

    Bartek Banda

    Product Manager, Squiz Matrix – Squiz

    Bart is an experienced product manager and technical consultant who builds industry-leading software solutions that focus on delivering exceptional user experiences. Bart is extremely passionate about the power of the web and strives to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital. For over 10 years, Bart has shaped Squiz’s core product, Squiz Matrix, led by his strong team based work ethic and constant hunger for innovation.

  • Ciaran Brereton

    Ciaran Brereton

    Digital Strategy Consultant - Squiz

  • Guy Outram

    Guy Outram

    Regional Manager - Squiz

  • Josh Somma

    Josh Somma

    Technical Director for Customer Experience – Squiz

    Josh is the technical director for customer experience and innovation at Squiz. In his role, Josh works with the customer experience director in finding, framing and applying technology solutions to thorny customer problems.

    Over the years, he has worked with teams to build and launch dozens of digital products and services for big media companies and agencies in New York and London. He lives in north London with his wife, two kids and cat.

  • Ben Pottier

    Ben Pottier

    Technical Services Lead - Squiz Funnelback

    Ben is a geek at heart, with a passion for problem solving of any kind. He spends his work time overseeing and mentoring the technical teams in the pursuit of solving search and data problems. At home he is the proud father of 2, an avid coder and sports fan.

  • Tom Evans

    Tom Evans

    Lead User Experience Consultant - Squiz

    Tom is a UX consultant at Squiz, with four years of design and technical experience, and is well versed in creating user stories/flows, wireframing, prototyping and research. Tom works very closely with the other designers and consultants in his team, as well as the development team, to ensure the promised experience is seen right through to launch.  Tom has worked with various types of clients in multiple industries including Elsevier, Middlesex University, Ofcom, William Hill and The Electoral Commission to name a few.

  • Craig Mathieson

    Craig Mathieson

    Explorer, The Polar Academy

  • Dave Letorey

    Dave Letorey

    Head of Change - Squiz


Please note, agenda is subject to change

  • 09:00 AM

    Registration & breakfast

  • 09:30 AM

    Welcome to Squiz Summit

    Guy Outram, Regional Manager - Squiz
  • 09:40 AM


    John Paul Syriatowicz - Chief Executive Officer - Squiz
  • 10:10 AM

    Squiz DXP Roadmap

    Matt Adney - Chief Product Officer - Squiz, Bart Banda - Squiz Matrix Product Manager - Squiz
  • 10:50 AM

    Morning Tea

  • 11:20 AM

    Customer stories

    • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

      Alex Wood, Business Analyst

      Enhancing member experience with a progressive web app

    • University of the Highlands and Islands

      Duncan Ireland

      Funnelback Auditing Tools

    • Creative Scotland

      Rebecca Monks

      Locations, locations: Putting Scotland’s Screen Commission on the Digital Map

    • University of Edinburgh

      Duncan Macgruer

      How to make stakeholders care about search

  • 12:30 AM


  • 01:30 PM

    Breakout sessions

    • Dave Letorey

      Head of change - Squiz

      How to build multi-channel digital services with Squiz DXP

    • Ben Pottier

      Head of Technology EMEA - Funnelback

      DXP Search: A technical journey

    • Tom Evans

      Lead User Experience Consultant - Squiz

      Ciaran Brereton

      Digital Strategy Consultant - Squiz

      Research driven-design

    • Josh Somma

      Technical Director - Squiz

      Using advanced DXP features to personalise your customer journeys

  • 02:40 PM

    Afternoon tea

  • 03:10 PM

    Q&A Panel

    Matt Adney, Chief Product Officer - Squiz John Paul Syriatowicz, Chief Executive Officer - Squiz Bart Banda - Squiz Matrix Product Manager - Squiz Tom Evans, Lead UX Consultant - Squiz Ben Pottier, Head of Technology EMEA - Funnelback
  • 03:40 PM

    Craig Mathieson

    Some like it cold
  • 04:40 PM

    End of Squiz Summit

    Guy Outram, Regional Manager - Squiz
  • 04:45 PM

    Networking drinks

Ready to attend Squiz Summit?
  • Be inspired
    Surround yourself with some of the smartest minds in digital
  • Be the first to know
    Hear the low-down on the latest product and global trends
  • Talk to the experts
    Gain direct access to our technical and consulting experts
  • Learn from like-minded peers
    Meet other inspirational people using Squiz technology


What date is Squiz Summit?

Squiz Summit is on the 7 November in Edinburgh.

What time does Squiz Summit start?

Registration and breakfast begins at 09:00, with presentations kicking off at 09:30 sharp.

What time does Squiz Summit end?

Our final presentation will end at 4:45, after which we invite you to stay around for a couple hours of networking drinks and canapés

What venue will the Summit be in?

We’re excited to return to the Radisson Blu Hotel for this year’s Summit. The full address is: 80 High Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH, United Kingdom

Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes, there is a parking facility attached directly to the Radisson Blu. It can be accessed via Blackfriars Street. The full address for parking is: Blackfriars St, Edinburgh EH1 1NB

I might arrive late. Is this ok?

Of course! Please email if you think you’ll be late, so we can keep an eye out for you when you arrive.

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