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Squiz Cloud is a complete managed service that ensures unrivalled uptime, speed, security and delivery. Built with carrier-grade hardware, Squiz Cloud comes with 24/7 customer support as standard, and features unique disaster recovery (DR) and DDOS mitigation tools to ensure you’re always available.

Resilient and Compliant

Resilient and Compliant

99.9% uptime guarantee. Squiz Cloud is PCI DSS v3 compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified, with data centres throughout the world to meet your local data security laws.
Lightning Delivery

Lightning Delivery

Our lightning fast Edge global content delivery network has nodes all over the world to cache and deliver your dynamic, personalised content.
>Stable and Integrated

Stable and Integrated

Squiz Cloud can reduce your annual downtime by 80%+. It’s built for our platform environments to ensure rapid updates to Squiz software and 24/7, round the clock monitoring and support.


  • 4Gb/s of bandwidth available at every customer VM
  • High performance Intel Xeon-based virtual CPUs
  • SSD accelerated storage
  • Dedicated RAM for all production customer servers


  • ISO27001 compliance and certification
  • PCI DSS v3 compliant hosting available
  • Dedicated security staff for monitoring and analysis of security alerts, using Squiz-specific domain knowledge
  • Defence-in-depth with border, network and host level security measures
  • Secure global data centres


  • High capacity DDoS mitigation services with automatic DDoS detection
  • Multiple upstream Internet carriers available at every Squiz data centre, with automatic re-routing around carrier failure
  • All production data centres operated to UTI Tier III standard or better
  • Fully redundant power, cooling, network, compute and storage resources
  • Automatic healing for all servers
  • Continuous replication to a physically separate data centre
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