Content Editing

  • WYSIWYG Editor - The Squiz custom developed “What You See Is What You Get” HTML content editor has been specifically designed for the web with usability, validation and accessibility as its core focus.
  • Style Editor - Easily apply predefined or custom styles to anything including words, paragraphs, tables, lists, images and video.
  • Table Editor - The most intuitive and user friendly table editor available. Complete control over rows, columns and table cells as well as caption and summary fields.
  • Copy & Paste Images - Copy and paste images and graphs directly from Microsoft Word and Excel documents which are then automatically uploaded and embedded into the page.
  • Drag & Drop Images - Drag and drop multiple images at once from folders on your computer to make them instantly part of the web page and uploaded to the CMS.
  • Content Snippet Library - Use a select drop down field with content snippets that can be included in the content. These snippets can then be updated in one central place and be updated instantly on every page they are used.
  • Accessibility Auditor - The one-of-a-kind inline Accessibility Auditor developed by Squiz is embedded within the WYSIWYG editor. Write web content that always adheres to any of the three conformance levels of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 or the web-related components of the U.S. "Section 508" legislation.
  • Inline Comments - Comment on any element within the WYSIWYG and let other authors reply and resolve comments for optimal content collaboration.
  • Image Editing - In-browser editing tools for cropping, resizing, and rotating images. No Photoshop needed!

Document Management

  • Document Management System - Manage all your documents like you would in a Windows File Explorer. Apply permissions to whole folders or individual assets.
  • Media Management System - Manage your media in the same way as your documents. Allow users to upload any file video format and preview them within the editing interface.
  • DMS Integration - Integrate to any popular third-party DMS systems such as Sharepoint, HP Records Manager (TRIM), and others that support standard REST or SOAP integration.
  • Video & Audio Embedding - Easily embed video and audio from popular sites like Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud.
  • YouTube & Vimeo Integration - Integrate directly to media sites to dynamically display playlists and descriptions.
  • Image Galleries - Create image galleries with a click of a button. Bulk upload several images at once and use any third party image gallery plugin you want to display your images in any way you want.
  • Automatic Image Variations - Images uploaded to the CMS can be automatically optimized and scaled down to different sizes and resolutions to support responsive and adaptive web design.
  • Responsive Images - The automatic image scaling and optimization engine in Matrix makes sure your images are served at different sizes to different devices for optimized speed on tablets and mobiles.

News & Blogs

  • Dynamic News Listings - Automatically list latest published news with sorting, filters and archiving functionality.
  • Blogs - Easily create blogs with automatic related content generation and tagging.
  • Commenting - Allow public and logged in users to comment on your news and blogs using their Matrix or social media accounts. You can also easily integrate with popular third party commenting tools such as Disqus, Livefyre and Facebook.
  • RSS Feeds - Create dynamic feeds in RSS to let your users easily subscribe to updates or integrate to other systems.
  • Taxonomy & Tagging - Flexible and automatic tagging can easily be implemented which can also feed into user personalization.

Calendars & Events

  • Calendar Widget - Dedicated calendar widgets can list your events in any format you want as well as in a Calendar date picker.
  • Upcoming Events Listings - List upcoming events only within specific date ranges.
  • Recurring & Multi Date Events - Events can be made to occur at recurring times such as first monday of every month. Multi date events means you add your event details once, and set multiple specific occurrences that all use the same event info.
  • Event Searching - Expose powerful search tools that let your users find events by date or by keyword and metadata search.
  • Event Registration - Let your users register to your events and make them free or paid with integration to popular payment gateways. You can also set restrictions on how many seats/tickets are available per event.
  • User Submitted Events - Public or logged in users can submit their own events to your site so that your event library can grow dynamically.
  • Download Events to Calendars - Automatic iCal feeds can be generated that can be easily imported to popular calendar tools such as Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Emailing Events - Attach events as iCal files to emails for easy sharing and event invitations via email.
  • Event Reminders - Users can be reminded of events they have registered for or shown interest in via email or notifications on their site portal dashboards.

Online Forms

  • Drag & Drop Form Creation - Easily create forms by dragging and dropping fields around. Choose from a range of common form field types, anything from file upload fields to country select lists.
  • Multi Step Forms - Turn a multi section form to a multi page form with a single configuration switch. Allow your users to see the progress of their submission and navigate to any step to alter and update with ease.
  • Custom Form Validations - Use basic required validation or set up your own custom rules. Validations can also be dynamic based on previously answered questions.
  • Save & Retrieve Submissions - Logged in and public users can save form submissions and complete them at a later time. Email reminders can also be set up to encourage users to submit before due dates.
  • Submission Integrations - Using the open ended integration capability in Matrix, your form submissions can be pushed to any external endpoint. You can also validate each step of a form based on data retrieved from the third party system.
  • Submission Report Exporting - Export your submission from a particular date range into any format you want such as CSV, XML and JSON.
  • SPAM Control - Keep SPAM away with powerful and strict tools such as Mollom and Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Complete Layout Control - Present your form in anyway you want, you can control every bit of the form output to make it work with any design or layout requirement.
  • HTML5 Form Fields - Use the power of HTML5 to create rich and engaging form interactions with fields like color and date pickers.
  • Online Quizzes - Create quizzes and assign custom scoring rules with customised result pages based on quiz score.
  • User Polls - Create polls that allow users to vote and also review previous poll results.
  • Decision Trees - Decision trees allow you to guide the user through a set of questions that at the end will give them the right information they need.
  • Automatic Indexing - Any new pages or content changes are automatically added to the search index so that your search results are always up to date.
  • Advanced Search Tools - Give your users additional search tools to search on date ranges or specific metadata fields. They can also sort the search results by any value or by result type.
  • Keyword & Metadata Control - Allow editors to increase search visibility on pages by adding special keywords and metadata to pages, or let them be automatically populated based on where the content is located within your site.
  • Search Lists - Create dynamic lists based on predefined or dynamic search values.
  • Search Weighting Management - Take complete control over your search indexing and weighting configuration. You can adjust weights based on asset type, location, or metadata value.
  • Noise Word Lists - Exclude common words such as “you”, “the” and “and” from being indexed.
  • Synonym Searching - Create “did you mean” functionality with synonym matching features.
  • Funnelback Integration - Integrate with the most powerful Enterprise Search Engine on the market to really take your search to a whole new level. Visit for more information.

Templates & Designs

  • Complete Design Control - Any design you dream up can be supported by Squiz Matrix. There is no style or front end element you don’t have complete control over.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Support - A no brainer. Out of the box support with no limitations.
  • Response & Adaptive Web Design - Squiz Matrix templating and design customisations fully support responsive and adaptive web design and development for all your mobile and tablet needs.
  • Custom CSS and JS - Add your custom CSS and JS to the front end or the editing interfaces if you feel like enhancing your user's experience to their custom needs.
  • Custom Fonts - Use any web font you like in order to stay true to your brand and style guide.
  • Custom Login & 404 Pages - Fully customisable login screens and “Page Not Found” pages to meet any requirement.
  • Flexible & Dynamic Templates - Templating capabilities in Matrix is the most powerful thing on the market. There is virtually no limitation to what you can create and users will love that they can apply any rich and functional template they want with zero technical knowledge.
  • Design Customisations - Create design customisations that can alter the look and feel and page layout per section or on individual pages.
  • Personalized Design Elements - Using the built-in personalization and conditions features in Matrix, your site design and layout can automatically adapt to suit the user’s needs and preferences.
  • Template Library - Export and import templates from site to site and let users pick from a wide variety of pre-built or custom designed layouts and templates.

Publishing & Workflow

  • Safe Editing - Matrix includes a powerful editing concept called “Safe Edit”. In Safe Edit, your live version of a page or file can continually be served to the public while you work in a draft copy of it where changes are made. Whilst in Safe Edit, collaborators and approvers can all interact with the draft until it’s either rejected or published and replaces the current live version.
  • Future Publishing - Any status of a page or file can be scheduled (including “Safe Edit”). This means you can get your content approved and ready for publishing on a Friday, but set an automatic go live date first thing Monday morning before anyone wakes up.
  • Automatic Content Review Flagging - Set up rules that say content needs to be reviewed after a certain amount of time without update, making sure your site never looks outdated and stale.
  • Custom Workflow Configurations - Matrix can support any business logic and process for content publishing using it’s highly configurable Workflow system. Customise emails and create multiple streams and steps.
  • Dynamic Workflow Streams & Approvals - Workflow approval groups and streams can be automated and dynamic. Put the smarts into the CMS and let it decide automatically who should approve what and when based on any condition you want.
  • Workflow User Management - Easily move approvers around using drag and drop management of users and groups. Someone going on leave? No worries, just assign their approval task to someone else with the click of a button.
  • Automatic Email Notifications - Approval requests and events are automatically emailed to the users that need to know. The subject and content of each type of email is also configurable.
  • Approval Expiry Escalations - Never let workflow processes sit stale with automatic escalation rules that can move the approval along to the next group if the original approvers are taking too long.
  • Workflow Bundles - Approve multiple pages and files at the same time with a single approval process.
  • Workflow Logs & Reports - See who approved what at what time and how long it took them. Run reports to identify gaps and room for improvement in your workflow configurations.
  • Publishing & Workflow Rejection Commenting - Make it optional or force users to always leave a comment with a workflow approval or rejection.

User & Permission Management

  • User Group Management - Manage users and groups via drag and drop and easily link users into multiple groups to create dynamic user roles.
  • Granular User Permissions - Apply permissions for a whole site or a single word. You have complete control over who gets to read and edit what.
  • Dynamic Permission Granting - Permissions can be granted dynamically based on any factor. Users can get special permissions when they login based on their user attributes, or when when they perform a certain task.
  • Multiple User Types - Different user types have access to different interfaces. This enables you to make sure front end editors don’t get access to the advanced backend admin interfaces.
  • Unlimited Users & Groups - Create as many users and groups as you need. There is no restriction and no extra cost at all!
  • LDAP & Single Sign On - Connect Matrix with your own IDP and let users login with username and passwords they already know. Squiz Matrix has out of the box connectors for LDAP, OAuth2 and SAML.


  • Device Based Personalization - Display content based on the user’s device and screen resolution. Using the device preview tools you can also check what your edited content will look like in all supported screen sizes.
  • User Segmentation & Personas - Create personas that your authenticated and public users will fall into dynamically based on what you know about them or when they perform a certain action or event on your site such as fill out a form or buy a product.
  • Dynamic Content Targeting - Combine display conditions in any way you want to create highly dynamic pages that show the user they information they really want. Personalize based on geographical location, search engine used, social media profile, usage behaviour and much more.
  • User Preferences - Let your users tell you want they like and want to see. Create powerful and useful portals where users can configure their preferences that make the site get tailored to them.
  • Content Variations - Once your personas are set and defined, create multiple versions of a page and assign each to a Persona with default fallbacks. Use A/B testing with Google Analytics to analyze which variation works the best and promote the winning version to the default at the end of a test.
  • Super Content - Using the power of Funnelback you can use Matrix to present pages that build themselves with content from multiple repositories. Read more about our Super Content Funnelback solution to find out how it can work for you.

Marketing Automation

  • Multi Channel Marketing - Use Squiz Matrix as a core publishing tool for your multi channel content and marketing needs. Create multiple variations of the same content and feed each one to your different channels.
  • Marketo Connector - The built in Marketo connector allows you to easily feed user data and information directly into Marketo which can then be used to personalize your content in Matrix with. Read more about our Marketing Automation technology to find out more.
  • SugarCRM Connector - Automatically link your Matrix users to records in SugarCRM using the out of the box bridge. Always make sure your user CRM data lives in one place but can be updated in two whilst keeping the sync consistent. Check out our CRM offerings to see what is possible.
  • Email Campaigns - Manage all your email newsletters from Squiz Matrix and re-use the same content from your website with email templates that automatically tailor it for mail software.

Email Newsletters

  • Newsletter Subscription - Let users manage their email subscriptions via self-service portals and and interfaces. Users can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to multiple lists at once.
  • Personalized Email Content - Personalize email content based on user preferences or attributes to effectively market the right products to the right customers.
  • Dynamic Newsletters - Dynamically build your newsletters without any manual intervention. Set it up once and make it email your lists on a regular basis with fresh content automatically sourced from your website.
  • Scheduled Sending - Emails can be scheduled to get sent out at a particular time and with recurring intervals.
  • Importing/Exporting of User Lists - Bulk import subscribers from external systems in any format.
  • Campaign Management - Use email campaign portals to control every aspect of your marketing campaign.

Social Media

  • Social Media Integration - Integrate Matrix with any popular social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more using out of the box authentication and web service functions.
  • Login & Authentication - Let your users use their social media accounts to login to your Matrix website and take the passwords worries out of your hands.
  • Commenting - Visitors can comment on your news, blogs and pages using their social media accounts. You can also easily embed commenting widgets from social providers such as Facebook and Disqus.
  • Social Media Posting - Automatically post to your social channels whenever content is published within Matrix.
  • Share & Like - Easily add share and like functions to let your users share your content for you.

SEO & Accessibility

  • SEO Friendly URLs - URLs are automatically created with SEO standards and best practice in mind based on the page title. You also have full control over the URL and can create shorter versions for easy sharing.
  • Automatic Metadata - Metadata can be manual or automatic. Use triggers in the system to populate search metadata based on the current page’s content or location in your site.
  • Accessibility Auditor - The powerful WYSIWYG Editor has the Squiz developed HTML_CodeSniffer built into it which can automatically identify and fix accessibility problems within your content.
  • Robots.txt - Automatically create robots.txt files which by default exclude unwanted content from being indexed by Google.
  • Automatic Redirects - You can move and delete pages without a worry. Redirects are automatically created with SEO support in mind and if you delete a page that has links to it Matrix will ask you what page you want to link to instead and fix it in one single action.
  • Dynamic Sitemaps - Sitemaps are dynamically built and generated based on your content. Set it up once and forget about it, the sitemap will automatically grow as your content grows.
  • Automatic Indexing - Every single change in your site can update the search index immediately, making sure search results are always showing the latest content.

Bridges & Connectors

  • Google Analytics - Hook your Edit+ up with your Google Analytics account to give all your authors access to stats and reports directly within the editing interface. The native connector also allows you to develop your own custom reports and dashboards.
  • SugarCRM - Sync your Matrix users to SugarCRM records using the authentication bridge. It also allows you to tap into the whole SugarCRM API to develop any integration you want.
  • Marketo - The Marketo bridge allows you to easily create and sync leads from Matrix actions. Use the connector to make use of the Marketo API to integrate with any web service it has available.
  • HP Records Manager (TRIM) - Sync and push documents to and from your HPRM system and make them available for download directly from your Matrix site.
  • Braintree - Use the power of Braintree to easily set up a payment gateway between the E-Commerce features of Matrix and your payment platform. No PCI compliance needed.
  • SecurePay - Matrix features an out-of-the-box payment gateway to Australia Post’s SecurePay system for simple and straightforward payment integration.
  • PayPal - Let your users pay and donate via PayPal with the native integration features available.
  • Git - Work on your files using your favourite Git repository and automatically sync them to Matrix with every commit using webhooks.
  • Parse - Send notifications from Matrix directly to users’ mobiles and tablets using the power of the Parse connector.
  • Connect With Anything - Using the fully flexible and configurable integration features in Matrix, you can connect to any other system or product that supports standard API and web service technology such as REST and SOAP.

Web Services

  • Database Connector - Connect to any PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL database and run your own queries to get the data you need. List the results on the front end with presentation templates applied.
  • Data Sources - List data on your site from a variety of feed types including Database, iCal, CSV, JSON, LDAP, RSS, XML, SOAP and more.
  • REST - Use the powerful REST asset in Matrix to connect to any external API or call web services exposed by Matrix. Run server side JavaScript to manipulate the content to match what you need.
  • SOAP - Expose the SOAP API within Matrix to let your 3rd party applications natively integrate.
  • SAML - Implement Single-Sign-On solutions with the industry standard SAML protocol.
  • OAuth - Let users login with their social network accounts and manage their preferences via the dedicated OAuth account manager.
  • JS API - Create powerful front end web apps in Angular and React or whatever you want using the client side JavaScript API framework.
  • Triggers - Set up triggers that fire on particular events under special conditions. Send an email when a certain page gets published with a particular metadata or attribute value or give the users special permissions on login depending on their user type.


  • Shopping Carts - Use the shopping cart module to quickly and easily set up shopping functionality on your site with the ability to review and update the cart before proceeding to the checkout page.
  • E-Commerce Forms - Turn your online forms into e-commerce forms in order to easily and safely accept payments on your website.
  • Event Registration - Let users pay for event registrations using the e-commerce form functionality and automatically bypass the payment step if the events are free.
  • Product Management - Manage product details, related products and quantities easily.
  • Payment Gateways - Connect your online shop to popular payment gateways such as PayPal, SecurePay and Braintree, or use the standard integration tools to connect to any other 3rd party payment supplier.
  • PCI Compliance - Safely and securely accept payment details on your Squiz Matrix site using the Squiz PCI Cloud Hosting services. Read about Squiz’s Cloud technology to find out more.


  • Google Analytics Integration - Use the dedicated Google Analytics connector to easily integrate your Squiz Matrix system with any of your Google Analytics accounts. Once a connection is established, you can use any feature of the GA API to retrieve data and information to create custom reports and dashboards.
  • In Page Analytics - View stats and analytics data directly within the interface on the current page you are editing.
  • Goal Reporting - Check out how your goals are tracking and the revenue income of each one.
  • Traffic Overview - See how users are entering and exiting your pages and how the current page you are editing compares with the site average.
  • Audience Overview - Analyze who is visiting your site including information such as browser and device type, country and organization.
  • Popular Content - Create dynamic popular content lists that automatically show your users which pages of your site are the most viewed and popular.
  • What’s Trending - Using the dynamic GA API, you can create lists that show your users how many people are viewing the most popular pages right now.


  • Multi Website Support - Create as many sites as you like with no restrictions on cost or licence. Websites can also easily share content between them or reference global content and configurations.
  • Multi Lingual Support - Support multiple languages and audiences by publishing multiple versions of your page for each language. Automatically show the right language version to the user based on their geographical location or language header.
  • Automatic Upgrades - Upgrade your Squiz Matrix system in minutes with services from Squiz that handle automatic upgrading and backups.
  • Automatic Backups - Hosting with Squiz allows your Squiz Matrix system to be backed up every night and easily restored to keep your mind at ease.
  • Rollback - View your entire Matrix CMS system from a particular point in time using the Rollback feature. This can allow your authors to go back in time and view the site as it was to retrieve deleted content or for other purposes.
  • Logs - Each and every single change to any page, configuration or and file is automatically logged by Matrix so you can see who did what and when.


  • HTTPS Support - Fully supported for HTTPS browsing to improve security of your site and also help with search engine optimization and rankings.
  • Password Controls - Complete control over Password rules for your users including blacklisting words and enforced character rules.
  • XSS & CSRF Protected - Matrix is constantly tested against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) hacking techniques through the help of Squiz’s internal Security auditing and review team.
  • Secure Cookies - Enforce HTTPS only cookies with the flick of a switch to help ensure user data is not leaked or shared between unsecure pages.
  • PCI Support - Safely and securely accept payment details on your Squiz Matrix site using the Squiz PCI Cloud Hosting services. Read about Squiz’s Cloud technology to find out more.
  • Session Management - Widely configurable session management settings are available that can determine how long certain users are logged in to the site for.
  • OWASP Development Methodology - The Matrix development framework and methodology strictly follows OWASP standards and guidelines.
  • Automatic Security Audits - Squiz hosted Matrix installs are automatically audited daily for security risks and vulnerabilities caused by misconfiguration. Squiz’s hosting services can also automatically patch hosted Matrix installs with security patches for both the software and the server running it.
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