Squiz Workplace enables you to improve productivity, unite technology, and increase collaboration both within and beyond your organisation, simply and quickly.

It’s the platform you need to be able to transform, innovate, and prepare for an evermore-digital future.

What's squiz workplace?

Many intranets are out-of-date and unloved, used only as a route to other systems, but they can be so much more! Leveling hierarchies, breaking down silos and bridging geographies, a Squiz Intranet empowers your people and facilitates cultural change by allowing ideas and information to flow freely. Through collaboration and making knowledge sharing part of everyone’s daily life, you can foster a culture of teamwork and innovation that will improve digital literacy and deliver better outcomes.

PersonaliZation makes perfect

An intranet that’s not tailored to an organization won’t change anything and the same can be said if it offers a terrible user experience. An intranet designed to power your workforce needs to be useful and intuitive to use, so Squiz’s Intranet platform is simple to personalize and match to your organization, the systems you use, and its users’ needs.

It solves 4 key problems

Mobility: the modern office is anywhere your staff are with a device that has power. Squiz Workplace is designed with mobility at its very core, working on and offline across any device.

Enabling staff and stakeholder collaboration: we're increasingly collaborating with customers and third parties to achieve our goals. Squiz Workplace enables people to share ideas, build relationships, and deliver results.

Uniting the technology you’re already using: Squiz Workplace is the backbone by which digital tools are accessed and interact, reducing ‘shadow IT’, and providing the blueprint to improve an organisation's entire tech stack.

Intelligent personalisation: with so much occurring within an organisation, the noise created causes disengagement and inefficiency. Through inbuilt machine learning and AI; Squiz Workplace can reduce this to a trickle overnight.

Implemented quicker than you CAN say "1..2.."

Long project times often stop organizations from evolving as quickly as they need to. There's also the ever-present risk that information and data, which is the lifeblood of your business, simply disappears without a trace, often living on individual desktops or deeply (very deeply) in hidden folders.

A Squiz Intranet can be purchased, personalized and propelled into your organization in as little as 90 days, meaning that you and your workforce can start with the good stuff ASAP and you’ll see the ROI in months, not years.

Get started now

Squiz Workplace is a clever combination of Squiz Matrix CMS and Funnelback enterprise search tools, with out-of-the-box UX, design and integration features that make content easily editable and manageable. We can weave it together with your other technologies and collaboration tools to create a unique solution that will fit your needs and allow for both on and offline communication.

It’s clever – we promise you’ll like it – so find out about Squiz Workplace now!

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