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Customer Guide

Welcome to Squiz! We are so pleased you have chosen us as your digital partner. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do and look forward to working with you.

This handbook introduces you to our client services team and answer common questions asked by our clients during the first phases of our partnership.

This is a resource that you can refer back to throughout your journey with us.

Your account management team

We have a team of account managers who work closely together to provide support, offer solutions, and ensure that everything delivered for you is run in the most efficient way.

Your account manager is on standby to assist you and can be reached via phone or email.

If you have any urgent requests outside of normal business hours, 24-hour support is always available; more details on this can be found in the support section further below.


As a Squiz customer, you will have access to a dedicated customer portal that provides a real-time view of many of the key services that Squiz provides to you.

Within MySquiz you can:

  • See an overview of all support requests open with Squiz Support. MySquiz provides a complete overview of progress and resolutions across all open tickets. Support requests can be engaged with and responded to directly, from within the portal
  • All current agreements with Squiz
  • Key contact information
  • Support pack balance, including a full burndown of usage
  • Training unit balance, including your staff training history
  • Including your staff training history
  • Manage your login credentials

Your portal simplifies the management and communication between your organization and us.

Your account manager can walk you through the MySquiz portal, showing you the best way to leverage this for your organization.

Login credentials will be provided to you by your account manager within your first weeks as a Squiz customer. If you have not yet received these, or if you need assistance with your credentials at any time just contact the account management team.


Our support desk is 24 hours and these desks are managed by the Customer Care team at all times - never outsourced.

For your security only authorized staff are able to raise support tickets, ensuring that staff across your business don’t draw down upon your support hours without any governance. Authorization can be provided to as many or as few staff as you require; you can request additions or changes to your contacts by submitting a support ticket.

When you report an incident to Squiz’s help desk, we will work with you to determine the degree to which the incident affects the operation of the system in accordance with the tables below. A priority rating is then assigned to your ticket by the support triage lead.

Incident management

Priority level

In the rare event of an incident, we manage all incidents reported by assigning an appropriate priority level P1 to P5 and responding accordingly. The process for determining priority is detailed within this policy.

Incident response and resolution

We will contact and inform you of the status of your incident, resolving it within the times detailed below.

Product documentation

Our product documentation is the one-stop shop for Squiz product release notes, tutorials, resources, forums, and more: Content management, search and analytics, Datastore, Intranet, integrations, and marketplace.

Service packs

Consultancy, outside the cover of an SLA, is charged on a time and materials basis at an hourly rate of [£140/hr] [AU$250/hr]. Support packs can be used for all professional services, including:

  • Initial investigation
  • Implementation support and general requests
  • General consulting
  • Environmental assistance
  • Small implementations
  • Smaller creative updates
  • Proof of concept projects
  • Funding projects

The table below shows pricing for purchasing various support packs, the hours included with each, and how much money you will be saving (over the standard rate).


What is JIRA?

Jira is an issue-tracking software allowing multiple users the ability to work concurrently on projects and service delivery tasks. With the ability to specify workflow, permissions, and issue specifications like status, Jira allows us to better track the progress of projects and overall time spent.

Why is Squiz using JIRA?

  • Jira allows us to provide you with better estimations in the future based on time spent vs the original estimate
  • Schedule implementers based on their specialties
  • Remove the use of just one general task to manage upgrades and replace it with more highly defined tasks assigned to an individual, whether it be an implementer or system administrator
  • Keeping information from start to support of a project gives CRU and regional implementers a better understanding of the project in a centralized location; this may include implementation notes and methods which can be reviewed when a service delivery issue is raised
  • It provides you and your teams a real-time view of the progress and status of any project work with Squiz

How is it best utilized?

Squiz project managers utilize Jira for project management, but you can also see account managers utilizing it for logistics around BAU tasks.


For on-premises clients, it is recommended that your organization undertake one major upgrade per annum for each piece of software you hold with us. This enables you to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest security releases and that you are able to make the most of the latest features and functionality available.

Details of available versions and features can be found under our comprehensive product documentation. Your account manager will work with you to recommend the best version in a given year for you to upgrade to, ensuring that you leverage the latest release to receive features most beneficial for your business.

You can actively request an upgrade at any time via your account manager, who will recommend the best version and most ideal timing for you.

Your upgrade will then be delivered by one of our dedicated engineers and run as a mini project from within Jira.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

Squiz Academy

Squiz has a combination of methods for you to gain product knowledge. Starting with the Help Centre and help videos are task-based and enable you to answer specific questions on product use.

The next step is self-paced eLearning. These online courses help get your team members up to speed quickly. We can enhance eLearning with product support. Your users can ask our Customer Success team for help using features and components.

Finally, there is full instructor-led training for some products where the users participate with a trainer in a group session. This level can also be constructed by Professional Services to specifically address a solution built on the base product.

Squiz would normally work with you to define your specific needs including profiling your team members and their skill level. We can then create a learning journey for your team that suits you.

Check our Academy for courses available. As not all customers fit into the above criteria, we also offer bespoke training courses that can be designed to suit your specific needs.

If you wish to find out more about the Squiz training offering, please contact your account manager.

The Squiz community


Every year Squiz hosts its annual conference, Sync.

This gives you a great opportunity to hear stories of how other Squiz customers are using technology to innovate and create enhanced digital experiences. You can also participate in workshops with our expert consultants and hear about the product roadmap from our senior product team. The format of the day encourages you to continue to innovate and adjust to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Regional user groups

Matrix and Funnelback both have online forums, where you can post questions, answer questions and interact with other users in the Squiz community. This is a great resource for tips and tricks from people using the same products that you use.


Our blog is designed to help your organization learn about what’s going on in your industry and how you can best stay ahead of the curve.

If you’d like to hear more about a topic, reach out to your account manager. We are always talking to our account managers to ensure the content we’re sharing with you will be of the most value.

Newsletter and product update

As a Squiz customer, you receive a monthly newsletter, showcasing helpful webinars and other content, product best practices, upcoming Squiz and third-party events, and new customer stories.

You will also receive product updates outlining the latest and greatest in Squiz products you currently use (and those you don’t as well)!