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The customer

Creighton University, located in Omaha, Nebraska, serves over 8,900 students and nearly 70,000 alumni. Creighton’s nine schools and colleges deliver a powerful education with programs in the arts and sciences, law, business, and health sciences. For 16 years in a row, U.S. News and World Report have named Creighton University the No. 1 regional university in the Midwest.

Squiz partnered with Creighton University in launching their new search platform. Squiz presented a responsively designed search tool, Funnelback to create a website with search features that meet Creighton University needs of improving user experience and enhance control over the web search
without disrupting other resources of the department.

The challenge

The web strategy team at Creighton University was looking for a solution that would give them more control over the web search without disrupting other resources of the department. Outdated content, cluttering search results, was a liability to the university. As the team sought to customize search results for popular queries, their previous solution’s poor ranking of search results was a significant challenge.

Creighton University needed a new search platform that had:

  • A consolidated disparate search platform and searchability of data.
  • Tools for automated content migration, managing duplicated and dead content
  • A responsive mobile layout and Index multiple sources
  • An extensible framework catering for a variety of website types that adapt to diverse content and design needs and provide consistent aesthetics between site and search
  • Funnelback provided support and customization and didn’t rest until we were satisfied. They were always very supportive and never lost their can-do attitude

    Kari Watts
    Director of Web Strategy
    The approach

    Funnelback for Higher Education was the flexible solution needed for Creighton’s unique set of challenges. Starting with out-of-the-box Funnelback for Higher Education with Creighton branding.

    Funnelback built a live prototype, allowing iterative feedback from Creighton’s team to guide the direction of the university’s future search. Creighton’s team used the Insights and Auditing suite, included with Funnelback for Higher Education, to improve their search rankings.

    The team was able to make template changes to the Higher Education product to best suit the needs of the university. Funnelback provided the highly configurable platform that the University of Creighton needed that catered to diverse brand, design, content, and styling requirements.

    Funnelback’s Curator tool empowered the team to customize results and managed to blend program, course, and other content, providing consistently better search results.

    The results

    Using the curator tool, Creighton’s web strategy team improved their web search results. With improved control, they were able to promote best bets, feature snippets, and track click results to auto-tune results.

    Using Content Auditor, the team identified outdated and duplicate content. Instead of cluttered and confusing search results, search result pages are now streamlined to allow prospects, students, alumni, parents, and faculty to find what they are looking for.

    The web strategy team can now glean actionable insights from their search performance in a matter of seconds. Implementing Funnelback search vastly improved the experience of managing the search and the user experience on the site.

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