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The Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council (QSAC) was established in November 2016 to provide independent research and advice, seek public views and promote community understanding of sentencing matters.

There’s often a lot of public debate about sentencing and its supposed leniency. To demonstrate the complexities involved the QSAC wanted an interactive and informative solution to help educate the public and other audiences about the sentencing process in Queensland. Something that placed the participant in the judge’s shoes dealing with real-life events.

It needed to be cost-effective and integrate with the QSAC website (powered by Squiz Matrix CMS). It needed to handle traffic from the many channels being used to promote the site, be easily editable and modified to accommodate legislative changes, and capable of providing user insights with easily extractable data.


A microsite, Judge For Yourself, was created.

Users enter it from various channels and, without knowing much about the cases with which they’re presented, are asked to pass sentence on an offender for their crime. The user is then walked through the details of the case through court scenes, re-enactments, and quizzes learning about the sentencing process and criminal justice system along the way.

It was designed with a mix of out-of-the-box modules from Squiz Matrix CMS, (for things such as online quizzes), and with a selection of cleverly worked integrations, such as the video content to be hosted on YouTube. In order to provide the necessary data for the live survey results, (as well as overall statistics to QSAC), On-Site and Enterprise Search Platform, and Funnelback, were also used.

"Having Squiz involved at the early stages of the project meant that we didn’t go down the wrong path, so we saved time and now have a very high quality product that’s adaptable for the future."

Dan Rogers
Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council
  • The site was launched on time as part of Law Week in May 2017 and rolled out via social media and community events
  • 8,000 users in the first six weeks alone (the target for the first year was to reach 20,000 users)
  • It is used within school and university legal courses as a teaching aid


QSAC approached Squiz about the new project with strong ideas as to what they wanted to achieve but needing Squiz’s expertise to help them understand how it could be implemented.

A specialist agency was engaged to create interactive video content.

Visit the 'Judge for Yourself' Website

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