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Platform Health Check

If included, Squiz will deliver to the Customer, at the agreed frequency, a written Platform Health Check that will include the following information based on the previous period:

Review the current installation and verify according to the expected configuration, including:

  • Installation Details
  • Size and Nature of Configuration
  • Usage Indicators
  • Maintenance of System
  • System Status & Load Metrics
  • Search Configuration
  • Caching Configuration

Written Platform Health Checks can be provided at a frequency of either Quarterly or Annually.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Drill

If included, in conjunction with the Customer, Squiz will conduct, at the agreed frequency, a DR Drill.

A DR Drill process, agreed upon between Squiz and the Customer, will be followed to ensure the successful failing over of the Production system to the DR environment.

It is common practice for a server update (Operating System and Supporting Application upgrades) to be performed on the Production system while switched over to DR during a DR Drill.  Squiz and the Customer will work together to coordinate.

The Customer acknowledges that Squiz may, in carrying out DR Drill, cause the Software and/or the Supporting Applications to go offline for a short period of time and agree that such time offline will be considered as Scheduled Maintenance.

DR drills are usually performed Annually.