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  1. This policy concerns consumption parameters allocated to Squiz customers for the use of Squiz’s products.
  2. Consumption parameter data will be collected and reviewed by Squiz regularly.
  3. If the customer’s usage exceeds the allocated consumption parameters, Squiz may approach the customer to review usage. As a result, Squiz may offer solutions to improve efficiency to avoid charging additional fees.  Alternatively, the customer may require a premium service or upgrade of its usage parameters which will incur additional fees.
  4. Squiz will ensure that discussions relating to exceeding consumption parameters take place promptly.
  5. When considering whether additional fees are payable for exceeding consumption parameters, Squiz takes into account:
    1. the terms of your contract with Squiz;
    2. use of the products by other Squiz customers;
    3. technical advances;
    4. input costs;
    5. intended use of the product;
    6. extenuating circumstances; and
    7. any other relevant matters.