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Audit Drills

Platform Health Check

If included, Squiz will deliver to the Customer, at the agreed frequency, a written Platform Health Check that will include the following information based on the previous period:

  • Review current installation and verify according to expected configuration, including:
    • Installation Details
    • Size and Nature of Configuration
    • Usage Indicators
    • Maintenance of System
    • System Status & Load Metrics
    • Search Configuration
    • Caching Configuration
  • Recommendations for improvements to the Matrix installation and/or configuration (where appropriate)

Written Platform Health Checks can be provided at a frequency of either Quarterly or Annually.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Drill

If included, in conjunction with the Customer, Squiz will conduct, at the agreed frequency, a DR Drill.

A DR Drill process, agreed between Squiz and the Customer, will be followed to ensure the successful failing over of the Production system to the DR environment.

It is common practice for a server update (Operating System and Supporting Application upgrades) to be performed on the Production system while switched over to DR during a DR Drill.  Squiz and the Customer will work together to co-ordinate.

The Customer acknowledges that Squiz may, in carrying out the DR Drill, cause the Software and/or the Supporting Applications to go offline for a short period of time and agree that such time offline will be considered as Scheduled Maintenance.

DR drills are usually performed Annually.

Version: 130809

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