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Non technical management

An intuitive UI coupled with automated email alerts make it easy for non-technical users to create and monitor integrations while escalating errors.

Simple to create

Easy to follow prompts make it straightforward to build integrations by piecing together pre packaged recipes, components and connectors like a jigsaw.

Unlimited customization

Integration templates that are designed to be flexible, mean that if needed, any aspect of them can be changed to meet specific requirements.

Key features


A dashboard with an easy to use interface makes it easy to create, manage and troubleshoot all your Squiz DXP and third-party platform integrations in one place.

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Automated email alerts

While users with basic web skills can visually see the status of each integration in the dashboard, if Connect identifies any integration errors, automatic email alerts go straight to the technical teams to fix.


Pre-packaged templates for non-technical users can be downloaded from Squiz Marketplace. Simply select the Recipe, add to Squiz Connect and they're ready to go. Like any recipe, you can add your own flavor by customizing them if you need them to work in a specific way before or after deployment.

Generic components

These prebuilt mini-applications connect third-party systems through an API, without the need for new code. Like building blocks, they can be pieced together and with Branded Connectors to build custom integrations.

Branded connectors

By exposing the API of a third-party platform through the simple user interface, non-technical users can build customized integrations that allow complete control of the data flow. They just have to follow the prompts.

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Yes, Connect is a SaaS product that is only available as a cloud application. Unlike Squiz Matrix, Connect is not offered via other hosting or on-premise options.

Squiz Connect and IT-centric integration platforms such as Mulesoft are complementary rather than competitive - they solve different problems and enable the integration of different types of systems.

Enterprise service bus software does the heavy lifting of connecting critical IT systems together but it still leaves the last-mile issue of connecting that to a web experience.

Currently, these integrations are often done with high effort custom development. With Squiz Connect, that's no longer necessary.

Yes, the platform architecture is optimized using Docker containers and has an elastic architecture that auto-scales according to demand. There's no need to worry about sizing the infrastructure or hitting a performance ceiling.

Yes, security is a priority for Squiz Connect with best practices followed to ensure data integrity.  Full details available on request.

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