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Advanced Forms

Learn how to build dynamic forms in minutes and share across multiple channels, without any code.
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Eugene Mok 19 Oct 2023


How do I access the Advanced Form Wizard?
We recommend you talk to your Account Manager or use the chat button through your DXP Console.

Can I try the form builder before purchasing it? A demo or a sandbox version?
We recommend you speak to your account manager, we can set up a sandbox for a limited time.

Are the advance forms available in the DXP or is it available in Matrix 6.0?
A bit of both. You need to be on the latest DXP pricing to use the form.
Once you are on the latest DXP pricing, you can access Forms through the Squiz DXP Dashboard. It works with Matrix 6 or other CMS’s.

I already have an existing forms solution, can I migrate all of my current forms to Squiz Advanced Forms, and how easy will it be?
We don’t have a migration tool yet to move forms from either existing Matrix forms or a third-party forms provider, so the best option right now is if there is an important form, you can very easily recreate it and make sure the data is still being synched to the same location.

Why should I choose Squiz Advanced Forms over other form solutions in the market?
Advanced Forms is part of Squiz DXP that enables users to create forms and distribute them efficiently across all channels, regardless of their CMS.

With Advanced Forms, you can manage all forms from one central dashboard, track responses, and simplify content creation, editing, and management, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Our drag-and-drop builder interface and pre-built templates allow teams to create forms faster and without the need for coding skills. This includes complex and dynamic forms like auto-calculation, payment gateway, booking, conditional logic, and more. By streamlining the complex online form creation process, teams can deliver forms to market faster, while maintaining meaningful customer engagement and regulatory compliance.

As part of our DXP offering, we provide automatic updates and upgrades on SaaS, ensuring that you always have the latest functionality and security. Advanced Forms collect and securely store customer data, and you can choose to store data on our AWS instance or send it through to your own tech stack. We offer enterprise-grade security and protection in one location (DXP), enabling you to manage customer data effectively while ensuring compliance, privacy, and data security in line with GDPR regulations. You can have total peace of mind with encryption, access control, user authentication, and secure data transfer.


Can I use my phone camera to upload attachments when completing forms via my mobile device?
Yes, you can. Form users can take a photo on the spot to upload attachments while filling in the form. They can also easily upload photos and multiple files while filling out the form via their mobile device.

You can visit this page to find out more.

Can users be able to access and submit forms seamlessly even when internet connectivity is temporarily unavailable, with data synchronisation upon reconnection
If your internet is struggling, you can save your progress and resume the form later when your internet connection has improved. The form does need internet access to be submitted.

Does the RECAPTCHA meet WCAG 2.1/2.2?

Does the code generated by the forms comply with WCAG standards?

Is there a progress bar if the form is divided into multiple pages?
Currently, we are working on it and plan to make it available by the end of the year (2023).

Can the user’s details be pre-filled if the form is behind authenticated access?
Yes, we are still working on the sync between forms and the Squiz CDP but there are ways to pre-populate form fields.  We are working on making them automated and even easier.

Can we add a review page at the end of the form for users to check their information before submitting?
Not right now, you can send the customer a summary of their responses when they submit.


Can you style using CSS so form creators don't need to repeat those style steps?
Advanced Forms' form builder gives you all the tools to design the perfect form. If you have a unique customization requirement for your online form or PDF template that is not available in the form builder, you can add your styling code to the custom CSS section of the form builder.

You can visit this page to find out more.

Can you format the forms according to our styling and add field tooltips for extra information?
CSS can be used to format the forms. Tooltips are offered in two ways, in the advanced options for a field, you can add further information which will be displayed below the field, and you can also pre-fill in an answer to prompt the user.

Can custom components be created using HTML/JS/CSS?
No, Advanced Forms is aimed at non-technical users, you can still use the asset forms in our CMS if you want to create forms with code.

Can nested conditionals be included in my code?
Yes, you can use hidden fields to nest conditionals.

Can I customize the form submission confirmation message or redirect the users to another page?
Yes, both are possible. You can set up this functionality via the submission page settings. You can find more details by visiting this page.

Can Advanced Forms be customized to send confirmation emails to customers, with different content, based on their needs?
Yes, you can via the submission page settings.

Can you customize email templates?
You can customize the auto-reply email, which is sent to a user once they have submitted the form.

Can I display an error message if the user is not eligible to submit the form?
Yes, through using conditional logic.

Can the conditional logic be applied so a field only appears after a task is validated?
It can be configured based on how previous fields have been filed in. A field can show only when a user selects a specific answer to a previous field, e.g. only showing a credit card payment option if a user selected credit card as their method of payment, or a group of fields can be shown if a user selects a checkbox.

Will there be a simpler way to display the form on our page if we are using Squiz CMS, instead of the embed code?
Yes, that is coming soon.


What security measures are in place to protect sensitive customer data collected using Advanced Forms?
All data is encrypted at rest and during transit to make sure that your customer data is secure at all times.
Advanced Forms users who are behind our CDN and WAF have the additional protection we offer there as well.
Where are form submissions stored? Are there options for storing data in the EU for GDPR compliance?
By default, data is stored in local AWS instances, so yes, for EU customers, forms will be stored in the EU for GDPR compliance.

Is the response data secured with encryption while it is stored?
All data is encrypted at rest and during transit to make sure that your customer data is secure at all times.

Can forms created across an organization be sent to a centralized team for policy compliance check before publishing?
Yes, you can use your standard workflow, as per publishing any page on Squiz.
Visit this page to find out more about how you can turn your online forms into efficient digital workflows for:

  • Approvals
  • Multiple signatories
  • Multi-department processes
  • Submission reviews

Can we create a form with multiple submit actions that send data to different external sources?
Yes, you can create a form with multiple submit actions that send data to different external sources. This can be achieved through Squiz Integrations or your own workflow engine, where you can specify the destination for response data.

After the user submits the form, where and how can we retrieve their responses?
You can view responses in the forms dashboard.
You can visit this page to find out more.

Can we include links to uploaded files in the receipt email so staff can download uploaded files?
Yes, you can. However, please note that the maximum file size allowed is 30MB. In addition to the receipt email, you can also access all attachments through the dashboard.

How does Squiz’s Advanced Forms display reporting and analytics? Can I easily see form usage and gather insights easily?
There is a dashboard for advanced forms which gives you a high level overview of your reponses and a few other stats. Our integration platform also allows you to synch your forms data to any other platform like CRM or even powerbi if you want to create deeper business insights where you already have your other insights.

Is there reporting to see which question a form is abandoned?
Incomplete forms and their responses are available in the forms dashboard.

Can I view and download the completed form results?
Yes, through the forms dashboard.

Is there version control for Advanced Forms?
Not at the moment, but it is definitely something we want to do in the future.


What is the future roadmap for Squiz’s Advanced Forms?
The roadmap includes enhanced interactions with the Squiz CDP, simplifying pre-filling in advanced forms and facilitating seamless integration with the CMS. We are committed to continually expanding our list of integrations, making it effortless to synchronize your form data with your other business systems. Your input on the systems you use is invaluable in tailoring this process. Additionally, a notable addition to our roadmap is the capability to transform a paper-based form into an advanced digital form through scanning. This innovation holds great potential for expediting digital transformation journeys for our customers.

How easily can I integrate Squiz’s Advanced Forms with other 3rd party platforms? Do you integrate with SalesForce or Dynamics 365?
Squiz Advanced Forms service is a flexible form solutions platform.
While our standard service can meet the needs of most users, we understand that each organization has unique requirements. We offer pre-built integrations with a variety of CRM’s, ERP’s, and other software applications that allow you to send form data easily.
You can explore the list of pre-built integrations here:
Additionally, you can use our integrations capability to build custom integrations from scratch using any standard API or webhook.

What payment gateways do you support?
We have most of the standard ones, including PayPal, stripe, etc.  Please let us know if there is a payment gateway that you use that is not included and we can work with you to make sure you have what you need.

Can we use external APIs incorporated into the form fields?
No, Advanced Forms is aimed at non-technical users, you can still use the asset forms in our CMS if you want to create forms with code.


What type of files can be uploaded into forms? Are there any size limitations?
All types of files can be uploaded. We have a file size limit of 300MB, but you can set the restrictions on the file type as well as the file size when you configure your form.

The full list of supported file types are:
ai, an1, an2, avi, bmp, csv, dcm, dcm30, dic, dicm, dicom, doc, docx, eml, eps, flv, gif, gpx, heic, heif, hevc, igc, jpeg, jpg, kml, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, msg, odt, pages, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, psd, pub, rtf, svg, tif, tiff, txt, wav, webp, wma, xls, xlsx, zip

Commonly known file types that bad actors use to upload viruses are blocked.

Will there be an autocomplete out-of-the-box?
Not at the moment, but we are looking to have this functionality added in the future.

Can you refer to other HTML pages in the form? For example, a help file?
Yes you can as a URL/link.

What option do I have to publish the form, can we embed the form in a content page, for example?
Yes, you can we embed the form in a content page. There is an easy embed form that will work for any page created in any CMS. You can visit this page to find out more.

The share QR codes option for forms. Are they dynamic or just embedded?
The share QR codes option for the form is embedded, not dynamic.

If an event has a limited number of spots, can the registration form be capped at that number?
In form settings, you can disable the form after a certain number of submissions have been received.

Does Advanced Forms support sending an .ics file after registering for an event?
Sending .ics file is not supported, we only send a response email as confirmation.