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Optimize campaigns to increase conversions

Learn how to achieve optimal results from your marketing campaigns with personalization and A/B testing.
Mary-Clare Russell

Mary-Clare Russell 24 Jan 2024

Post-webinar FAQ

When can I get started using the new page builder with A/B testing and personalization? How can I get access?

If you are already on the latest subscription model, you will have access to these new features and functionalities. Simply ask your Account Manager to activate these features for your account. Once activated, you can access the new page builder with A/B testing and personalization by selecting the Content Page asset type in your Matrix instance.

Do I need the component service in order to use Modern Page Builder?

Yes, Modern Page Builder leverages the component service so that you can enforce your design system styling and branding on your site.

Why should I use Squiz DXP optimization and personalization tools over niche specialized solutions available?

It’s expensive to invest in niche solutions for optimizing and personalizing campaigns. Adding more tools to your tech stack introduces management, monitoring and integration requirements that soak up your time. The time that is better spent understanding customer behaviour and optimizing your site.

Squiz DXP optimization and personalization tools offer unified customer data management, creating comprehensive profiles for targeted marketing campaigns. Unlike niche solutions, Squiz DXP streamlines content maintenance across digital touchpoints, eliminating the need for manual efforts and ensuring consistency.

How much does it cost?

There are no additional fees for licensing or implementation of Modern Page Builder (including A/B testing and personalization). If you are already on the latest subscription model, you will have access to these new features and functionalities, which can be easily activated. Their usage will count towards your existing subscription consumption limits.

If you don’t have access yet or think your current consumption model won't cover the additional usage, please talk to your account manager or sales team. They can discuss the price and consumption size that will suit your organization's needs.

Can A/B Testing be implemented on specific, personalized sections of a page?

An A/B test can be applied to a personalized block of content. However, you can’t put personalized content inside an A/B test.

As continuous testing and optimization are crucial for digital content performance, what can be A/B tested?

Website landing pages (A/B testing different variations of landing pages), email campaigns (subject lines, copy, images, and calls-to-action), Ad Creatives (display ads, social media ads, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, can help identify the most compelling visuals and messages for target audiences), Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons (experimenting with variations in text, color, size, and placement), Forms and Checkout Processes, Headlines and Subheadings, Content Layout, Multimedia Elements (videos, images etc.).

What is a sufficient sample size to draw meaningful conclusions for A/B tests?

To draw meaningful conclusions for A/B tests, the sample size required will depend on the uplift in success that you are seeking. Our calculator utilizes the desired uplift in success, current success rate, and daily visitor number to determine a sample size big enough to ensure a valid test. If you want a larger improvement, then you'll need a larger sample size to ensure reliable results.

Can I try the new page builder out? Is there a demo or a sandbox version?

No, not at this time, though we are looking into how we might do this in the future

What’s next on the roadmap for Modern Page Builder?

  • Ability to preview in order to compare test and personalization variant views
  • Simplified support for page history viewing
  • More out-of-the-box component block options
  • Advanced a/b test result analysis reporting
  • Increased traffic distribution options for a/b tests
  • Multi-factor segmentation support
  • Search-based segmentation assignment

What’s next on the roadmap for Squiz DXP?

  • Easier integration with third-party Digital Asset Management applications
  • Define outcomes for your digital experience and optimize to meet them
  • Content authoring optimization and management dashboards
  • Additional support for headless development
  • Faster site builds with more improvements to page and site builder tools
  • Advanced site performance and metrics monitoring

Can A/B Testing be applied at the page level, rather than just on individual components?

Not at this point - but you can achieve the same outcome by applying it to all components on a page.

What is the maximum number of A/B Testing experiments that can be implemented on a single page?

For the moment only one experiment - but it can be used for all components on that page.

Can we integrate A/B Testing into our existing web pages?

Not in their current format. You would need to convert them to Content Pages using component service components. It is also possible to only convert an element of an existing page to the new format and then nest it back into the existing page.

Can we integrate the A/B Test calculation and stats with other reporting systems, like Google Analytics?

Not at the moment - However enabling integration of the test data with other reporting systems is on our ‘to do’ list.

Can customers preview both Variant A and Variant B simultaneously on a single page?

Not at the moment. However, work on the preview panel is in progress now and will provide preview tools for reviewing personalisation and A/B testing variants.

Do I need Matrix in order to use the Modern Page Builder?

For the moment, yes. The content page asset associated with the Modern Page Builder is currently only accessible from within the SaaS DXP version of Matrix.

Do I need CDP in order to personalize a component in Modern Page Builder?

Yes, the Squiz CDP controls the segments and when to put users into them and is required to personalize components.

Can I use more than one segment on a page to personalize different content blocks?

Yes, you can apply any number of segments to content blocks on a page to personalize. However, only one variant per block can be shown at a time when visiting the page.

Can I use the AB testing functionality with my current non-Squiz CMS?

Not at the moment, though we are looking into what would be required to make it available to other CMS platforms.

Does Squiz DXP support integration with external eDM platforms such as Mailchimp, Vision6, etc? If so, is there an online tutorial to demonstrate how it can be done?

Squiz DXP has the ability to integrate with external eDM platforms, such as Mailchimp, Vision6, and Campaign Monitor, among others. This integration can be used for various purposes, including sending emails and managing user subscription lists. You can use the REST component of Squiz DXP to integrate with any third-party EDM system that provides a REST API. Additionally, Squiz DXP offers connectors for Mailchimp, mandrill, and Sendgrid, which provide more productized integration with these applications.

Unfortunately, there are no online tutorials available for this integration. However, you can contact your Account Manager to learn more about the best method to integrate your solution. Whether you want to send emails from your CMS to users, send emails to portal users for targeted marketing, or synchronize users from your portal, intranet, or CDP with your EDM tool, our team can provide you with the necessary guidance and support.

Is the content in A/B testing for page content and personalization compliant with web accessibility standards?

Yes, Core Components, used in the new modern page builder to build pages (including A/B testing and Personalization components)  are designed to meet WCAG 2.1 standards and are compatible with modern browsers. Additionally, you can leverage the Component Service to create custom components for A/B testing and personalization, ensuring alignment with your desired web accessibility standards on your pages.