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The customer

Offering an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication, media, and performing arts, the University of the Arts London is one of the world’s leading institutions in its field.

Split over 6 renowned Colleges, the world-class institution has produced famous alumni such as designers Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Jimmy Choo, through to actors including Pierce Brosnan, advertising royalty Charles Saatchi and the distinguished inventor James Dyson.

The challenge

Beginning their relationship with Squiz, Funnelback in 2013, UAL is no stranger to our technology, its capabilities, and the problems it can help solve.

Initially implementing a global site search, covering the entirety of their varied web-estate, the institution hasn’t looked back since. Working with our in-house consultancy and technical teams, they have gone on to task Funnelback with creating a bespoke course finder tool, as well as examining and evaluating opportunities for a search to answer user experience challenges.

One such challenge was to not only help increase the visibility of the existing catalog of scholarships open to students but to also help the same students quickly and easily discover if they are eligible to apply.

UAL wanted to:

  • Improve the visibility of content

  • Increase the number of page-views for scholarship programs

  • Shorten user journeys

  • Enhance overall user experience

The Scholarships Search tool has made a hugely positive contribution to a user’s ability to find the scholarships, bursaries, and awards that they might be eligible for.

Steph Upton
Head of Marketing, UAL
The approach

A highly configurable platform was needed and Squiz deployed a smart and robust Funnelback search implementation.

Having already proved effective in connecting visitors with the most relevant information at a global website search level, as well as a more granular course level, UAL saw the value of Funnelback.

They tasked Funnelback with doing the same for their scholarship program and set a goal of improving user experience and increasing page views.

Offering over 80 scholarships, each with numerous conditions outlining eligibility (dependent on the level of study, the College a student is attending, their course subject, the course title, country of origin, and time of year), the current system of listing scholarships was not only difficult for visitors to be able to scan, but even more difficult for students to discover which scholarship(s) they could be eligible for.

The team at Squiz are all experts in their field. They worked hard to develop a solution that exceeded our objectives in a very short timeframe, putting user needs at the forefront of their developments at every stage

Steph Upton
Head of Marketing, UAL
The results

Having previously existed as an A-Z list, a visitor would need to either know the exact name of the scholarship they were looking for or would have to wade through over 80 options to find the best fit for them. By making the information more accessible, Funnelback helped transform a once static page into a dynamic and responsive search module.

Sitting on the same entry point as the previous list, we worked with the development team at UAL who created a parametric search widget tool, allowing users to search by their course focus, course name, College, or scholarship name should they know it; or alternatively to view all the scholarships the university offers before further filtering.

Offering users more control to intuitively search and filter has not only made finding the most relevant scholarships on offer easier but improved user experience and discoverability which is reflected in an impressive uptake of page views.

The scholarship search has received over 260,000 search queries, which have led to almost 165,000 page views to the resulting scholarship web pages. This equates to a massive 57% increase in the number of page views.

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