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Heathcare Services

Modernize patient experiences

Gain control over your digital presence. Simplify operations, centralize data, and provide modern patient experiences across all channels.

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Solutions for healthcare providers

Centralize systems and integrate new technologies to expand your healthcare digital services. Automate tasks for staff and patients with breezy check-ins and fast fill-in processes. Adapt fast to patient needs across all touchpoints.

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Information delivered instantly

Deliver emergency communication, patient information or the latest news in real-time, with central governance from a single platform. Easily publish any content, regardless of the source, across all your sites, apps, portals channels.

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Make healthcare information discoverable

Give patients and staff swift access to pertinent healthcare information and services with search. Index data from all of your online sources, and make information available fast, securely and in one place.


Better patient engagement and outcomes

Integrate with existing health systems, consolidate data, and segment audiences. Deliver personalized user journeys tailored to individual healthcare needs and interaction preferences, across all digital touchpoints. Always secure and compliant.

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Empower user self-service

Secure and intuitive self-service portals to automate appointments, manage tasks and increase patient satisfaction while freeing up staff to focus on providing high-quality care.

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