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Introducing Squiz Workplace

Squiz Workplace is an intuitive intranet that empowers employees to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.

With Squiz Workplace, you gain one place to share and find all news and events, company information and complete everyday tasks. With interest based communities, social forums and a leading search tool, your employees will always be connected and informed.

Our happy customers

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Why you need Squiz Workplace in your organisation

Communicate efficiently

Broadcast news and information to relevant groups across your organisation.

Collaborate across teams

Social tools and communities to improve team and cross functional collaboration.

Share knowledge

Integrations your business systems and tools enabling employees to share knowledge and complete day to day tasks.

Amazing features to power your internal communications

Inbuilt integration

Easily customise your solution based on your unique content requirements and integrate with existing systems, programs and apps.


Allow employees to access company documentation and perform everyday tasks in one location. Personalise the information you surface by location, role or team.

News and events

Share news, events and announcements with specific groups and allow employees to opt in to their own areas of interest

Build communities

Create public and private community groups allowing teams to collaborate, discuss and learn. Employees can follow particular communities and contribute via social feeds.

Simple edit and publish

Anyone can publish news articles, announcements and community posts, complete with images, video and more.

Customise dashboards

Give employees the control to customise their dashboard to display the most relevant information for them.

Enterprise search

Find people, skills, expertise, documents, news and conversations faster with our inbuilt leading edge search tool – Funnelback.

Auto generated org chart

Automate your org chart with sourced data from an active directory or your HR system. The corporate tree displays team structure, contact details and personal profile information.

Custom apps

Add functionality to suit the needs of your organisation with our purpose built apps or build your own. Post polls, collect feedback, promote calendars, map locations and much more.

Engagement analytics

Track employee engagement, sharing and collaboration with in-built analytics. Use insights to report on and optimise content effectiveness.

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