Matrix is a web technology platform that's made to help you kick your business goals, through out-of-the-box personalisation capability, real-time segmentation and super-easy content editing

Content editing made easy.

Matrix's content editing interface is so easy to use that you'll think you're using a word processor. You can also copy and paste from Word or Google Docs with ease - no cleaning up HTML or checking those H2s are still H2s.

Content editors and web managers alike will be jumping for joy at the WYSIWYG interface, designed with marketing people in mind. You can insert hyperlinks, tables and images with the click of a button. No HTML? No worries.

Personalisation that's simple yet powerful

Take personalisation out of your 'too-hard' basket – Matrix has cutting edge functionality that allows you to customise which content is displayed, and to whom, with ease.

That way, you're always speaking a language your users understand – and giving them exactly what they want.

Play nice with your marketing automation

Matrix has always played nice with others, but it's got a new best friend in Marketo, a world leading Marketing Automation solution.

With an out-of-the-box Marketo bridge, you can connect all your marketing and contact data with your website, building a more personal user experience as well as gaining an edge through understanding your customers on a deeper level.

Workflow that works

When you've got dozens of editors, managers and admins, it can be hard to ensure that each piece of content goes through the right approval process. And with so many channels out there, it's also difficult to maintain control of your brand.

Matrix has an automated workflow system that can be configured to your specific needs, guaranteeing that everything on your site has been thoroughly vetted and is on brand, on message, and approved every time.

Integrate with anything and everything

We know you're already dealing with dozens of systems - CRMs, Intranets, Marketing software - not to mention all the databases and apps you've got on your plate.

That's why Matrix is built to help you put into and get visibility over all of those platforms, as well as enabling you to leverage your existing content - no matter where it lives.
Check out the Integration Cheat Sheet for more

Accessibility for all

Accessibility may not be a glamorous subject but it's an important one. We like to think of it as 'usability' because by making your site accessible you're making it easier to use for every person who visits. You're also making sure that your site will look great across a multitude of devices.

Matrix's Accessibility Auditor identifies any accessibility errors within the intuitive editing interface, so you can quickly and easily correct any problems before they even make it to your website. That way, your site will be available to anybody and everybody.

The power and control you've always wanted

Your web platform is the foundation of your online presence, so it must be powerful enough to give you complete control and visibility over your brand. Through endless content possibilities, easy leveraging of content and efficient workflow, you'll always know that you're holding the reins.

When it comes to brand, it's important that your system is secure and reliable to protect you from embarrassing hacks or website outages.


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