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Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Build and optimize brilliant websites, portals, apps fast.

All the capabilities you need to build and orchestrate multi-channel experiences fast. Marketers create pages and campaigns without developer reliance. Tech teams compose your stack using Squiz and other tools you love. We make it all work like one solution.


Trusted locally

Create digital experiences without trade-offs

Make siloed content, data and tech work together to deliver one brand experience. Let marketers and developers work in parallel, not backlogs. Govern and secure experiences, even at scale.

Marketers - Create and personalize experiences with low-code tools. Use design systems to stay on-brand, everywhere.

Developers - Spin up sites quickly with pre-built integrations, templates and components. Use industry standard tooling you already know.

Digital teams - Unify customer data and content from any source to deliver multi-channel experiences.

Partners to get you there

Decades of experience help you navigate transformation in service-driven sectors. Whether you need ad hoc support or a long-term partner, we're here for you.

Squiz Team

Work with industry leaders

Recognized as a global leader in digital transformation, we're invested in your success.

  • Leader in GigaOm Radar for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) 2023

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  • Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms 2024

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  • High Performer in G2's Winter 2024 Americas Regional Grid® Report

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  • Leader in Omdia Universe: Digital Experience Management: 2022-23

Industries we specialize in

Specializing in serving organizations who serve our communities, Squiz has delivered thousands of digital projects for the worlds most critical service sectors.

Higher Education

We help universities and colleges overcome the education challenges of tomorrow.

Control your entire digital experience

Integrate all your existing systems within a single flexible platform and easily orchestrate your content across all your web properties.

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We work alongside government agencies and local councils to bring services online.

Transforming digital citizen experience

Leverage our flexible and easy-to-use digital platform to deliver efficient public services that meet citizens’ expectations.

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Finance & Insurance

We help you create secure, frictionless experiences that build customer trust.

Customer portal

Empower users to access personalized records, view transaction history, initiate quotes or queries, and manage their accounts in a secure and user-friendly environment.

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Create accessible, digital experiences that customers demand. Automate workflows, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction.


Unlock self-service for digital bill payments, account management and support queries. Shift in-person or phone resources to high-value interactions.

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Enhance your digital healthcare services and take charge of your online presence.

Real-time information

Deliver emergency communication, patient information or the latest news in real-time, with central governance from a single platform. Easily publish any content, regardless of the source, across all your sites, apps, portals channels.

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