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The customer

Wellington has grown into a vibrant, livable city with a thriving digital industry - 'Planning for Growth' is the development plan to navigate key issues the city is facing.

Squiz partnered with Wellington City Council in launching their new website. Squiz presented a responsively designed website running on Squiz Matrix.
To create a digital platform with the flexibility to meet Wellington City Council's needs of increasing engagement, encouraging comment and conversation among their citizen while protecting their privacy.

The challenge

Wellington City Council wants to engage citizens from all demographics, and especially youth, to provide their views on how the city should grow to accommodate another 80,000 residents over the next 30 years.

The citizens care deeply about their futures in their city. Wellington City Council wishes to share information transparently, hear as many voices as possible, and foster constructive engagement by encouraging commenting and conversation and providing privacy protection.

We chose Squiz because we had confidence they would meet tight timeframes, had innovative ideas, and were willing to be flexible and join us on our journey. And that's been our experience so far.

Tabitha Proffitt
Advisor, Planning - Wellington City Council
The approach

Squiz understands that successfully engaging with a wide audience in Wellington City Council requires a high level of coordination and planning to bring together such elements as communications campaigns, data access, resourcing, timings, etc.

Squiz approach to do Planning for growth with Wellington City Council was to provide a responsively designed website running on Squiz Matrix that will meet Wellington City Council's requirements and enable innovation.

This was integrated with council internal and third-party services to create a digital engagement platform with the flexibility to meet Wellington City Council's needs. Because of the consultation program evolving through the different phases of its three to four year lifespan.

The results
  • Equipped the council's Planning team with a flexible platform for the different phases of the program's three to four, year lifespan
    successfully delivered Phase
  • Successfully delivered Phase One of the program to enable citizens to consider and provide feedback on four different growth scenarios and guide city planners in developing a spatial plan that sets out the strategic direction for how the city should grow
  • 1,372 submissions received, surpassing expectations from previous engagements
  • Database of citizens wanting to continue engagement with subsequent phases
  • Feedback received from a wide range of audiences including high levels of involvement from youth by use of social media and a robust digital campaign
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