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Ready to go applications managed for you in a purpose-built environment, speed up deployments and maximize performance.


A cloud platform that helps you adapt as your organization evolves by reducing the cost and time spent managing your infrastructure.


World class platform, application and infrastructure security prevents threats and protects your data, while ensuring you meet regulatory requirements.

Key features

Central management

Easy platform access through your web browser, so you can go to one place to manage and use all your Squiz digital experience applications.

Intuitive interface

A portal that shares its intuitive user interface with our DXP products, makes it easy to use and manage everything you need.

Automatic upgrades

Confidence that comes from getting the latest features, fixes and improvements, with automated, hassle-free updates.

Create and choreograph your digital services with an open DXP
Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.
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Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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A web search platform that makes it easy to find exactly what you want.
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How Cloud-based DXPs Can Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

There was a time, back when customer experience (CX) platforms were still considered ‘emerging’ technologies, that certain vendors tried to sell the ‘single vendor, single customer view’ dream.

What COVID-19 Taught Us About the Importance of Cloud-Based Experiences

As the world continues to adjust to post COVID-19 life, many organisations are still reeling from the economic devastation of lockdown. While some industries and brands have been hit hard or forced into administration, others have thrived or been able to pivot and transform their business models overnight to keep trading. But regardless of how different industries were affected, consumer behaviour across the world was strikingly similar.

The DXP Debate – Open or Closed?

Digital never stands still. Changes in consumer expectations, digital technology and, as a consequence, the terminology we use to define and explain it, have been accelerating ever since the introduction of the smartphone.


The SXC is the name of our cloud based digital platform, or platform as a service (PaaS). You can benefit from a new public cloud deployment option as well as a new user experience for accessing and using all Squiz products as an integrated and open digital experience platform.

Our DXP is made up of our core products Matrix (content management), Funnelback (search), Datastore (data services) and Connect (data & application integration) that work together to create digital services and great customer experiences, while the SXC is the cloud platform that lets you access, manage and deploy these products.

You can still self-host Matrix and Funnelback, but Datastore and Connect are only offered on the SXC, our hosted cloud platform. Edify, our student management solution is also only available through the SXC.

Launching the SXC is just the start. It's a platform that enables our products to work together seamlessly and lets you choose whether you want hosted or SaaS deployment.

The Squiz Experience Cloud is the new name for Squiz Cloud. We are changing the name to signify that we have added public cloud SaaS as a deployment option, in addition to our existing private cloud dedicated hosting.

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