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Roadmap update

[December 2023]

Mei Koon, Chief Marketing Officer, and Jullie Brettle, Chief Product Officer, have reiterated Squiz's commitment to its Digital Experience Platform and Composability. They highlighted recent achievements made in the past six months and emphasized their primary focus on delivering tangible customer benefits.

During the video discussions, they covered the following topics: recent deliverables made in the past six months, upcoming developments planned for the next six months, Squiz's stance on Artificial Intelligence and its Search Capability (Funnelback) Roadmap.

What we have delivered

[July - December 2023]

Realtime personalization on websites and portals

Elevate your digital presence swiftly with Squiz's Websites and Portals Personalization solution. Experience real-time personalization on websites, portals, and intranets within days—no data scientist required. Our solution seamlessly collects, unifies, and manages customer data from diverse sources and channels. Utilizing Squiz's Customer Data Platform (CDP), a unified customer profile is generated, empowering personalized experiences and targeted marketing initiatives.

Create dynamic forms in minutes

Non-technical users create basic and dynamic forms fast with Squiz Advanced Forms. No developer reliance is needed with a drag-and-drop builder, predetermined form fields, customizable logic, and fast delivery across websites, apps, portals, email and more.

Build, optimize and personalize experiences, fast

Spin up web pages fast and optimize for conversion. Non-technical users build and publish web pages for their sites, campaigns and events using pre-built component sets. Experiment using A/B Testing to see which content or copy performs best on the page, and easily execute the results. Personalize sections of a page, all in one place with Squiz’s Modern Page Builder

Accelerate web building process and save cost

As part of Squiz's DXP package, core components are ready-to-use design elements that align easily with your brand. Unlike custom components that demand developer time and extra spending, base components enable the immediate creation of site content in harmony with your brand.

Latest Roadmap

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