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Roadmap Update

[June 2023]

Julie Brettle, the Chief Product Officer at Squiz, will guide you through Squiz's product roadmap update and provide valuable insights on how Squiz aims to become the most composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) in the market. The video will highlight Squiz's products and features, including Components Service, CDP (Customer Data Platform), Advanced Forms, DXP Console, and more.

What we have delivered

[January - June 2023]

Build better web components faster

Boost your coding efficiency and productivity with our dynamic web component builder. Accelerate your speed to market and enable teams to deliver new content, campaigns, or updates swiftly. Component Service ensures a consistent look and feel across sites, allowing for rapid responses without compromising design integrity.

Effortlessly track, access, and defend your digital history

Simplify compliance and track your website's content changes with Squiz's web archive solution. Access a complete digital history with reliable time-stamped records, including milestones and previous content iterations. Future-proof against false claims by retaining digital records, essential for defending against complaints or litigation related to outdated promotions or terms.

Integrate and unify digital platform into centralized DXP Console

Seamlessly integrate new capabilities into a unified Digital Experience Platform (DXP). From authentication and agency experience to subscription management, product deployment, and dashboarding, DXP Console empowers users to manage all aspects efficiently. Gain visibility into organisational instances and access to the latest features as soon as they become available.

Latest Roadmap

Stay updated with our product roadmap and discover the exciting future ahead.